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i'll steal your pop tarts like i stole your socks
his week, I worked outdoors a lot, trying to finish some projects I want to get done before going back on the road. I spent a good deal of my week digging up the flower beds and sowing perennials and transplanting some annuals.

I've also been baking! I took a comment from lossfound in my last entry to heart and I'm going to attempt making a Baked Alaska. I had some left-over cake batter that I didn't want to throw away so I made cupcakes. I didn't have any icing though, so I learned how to make home made cake frosting for them. They were yummy.

One thing is clear, I need to get back on the road pronto before my period starts.

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Honestly, if SRS_Bidness had used words like yummy, he'd still be writing for the LJ Idol.

I've only had Baked Alaska once, but I remember it being good.

Maybe there should've been an entry where Srs and Curtis made cupcakes.

The Baked Alaska experiment beings tomorrow. I'm sure pictures, success or failure, will be provided.

If you start a period I'd have serious concerns about team driving with you...

That is if you want a liability operating your new truck while you're asleep that is :P

hmm, too many 'that is's'


You're not English anyway. You're Canadian.

Je ne suis pas l'anglais ? Bizarre je croyais toujours que nous avons parlé l'anglais

It's for comments like these that I do ALL THE TIME that I had the little contest for typo icons.

i really love southern cooking and (as you can imagine) it's hard to find here in montreal. so hurry up and start posting your cooking tutorials!

The only real difference between Southern cooking and any other cooking is that we do it all in a skillet, usually with lots of butter, salt, and pepper.

It's funny. Until some people brought it up in Welf's journal, I had no idea that red velvet cake was a "Southern thing". Just another one of those foodstuff I just took for granted that everyone everywhere enjoyed.

I didn't know it was a "Southern thing" either until that wikipedia article I linked. I've been eating red velvet cake in Pennsylvania my whole life! Could have fooled me. :^P

It's popular in Ohio and I've never seen it in Louisiana! Crazy.

Then again, Wikipedia doesn't always mean it's 100% fact. :^)

Soop...you're amazing and funny as hell.

Welfy is a very very very very lucky woman. She's amazing too, btw.

Aww thanks. And you're right... she is lucky. ;-)

Did you hear about those new mini-tampons they're making? They're available for a short period only.

You would be up-to-date on the latest feminine hygiene trends.

since when has Australia had puns?

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, thank you... I'll be here all week. Please tip your waitress.

Listen Soop. If you were a true woman you would want your period to start *before* getting back on the road. Because nobody likes to be on a long road trip while they are on the rag.

I'm so relieved! I'm not a true woman! I love 'em to death but I'd never wanna BE one.

No man, what's the matter with you?
I'll get it the next time, I mean it...


dude, i was totally kidding. it's a running joke in my IRL going back like 15 years... if the girl's gonna marry me she had better know how to make a fucking baked alaska.

but i've never even eaten one.

basically i just want a woman who will constantly set shit on fire in the kitchen, but i seriously did that to MYSELF on accident earlier this week, so if i can learn how to do it on PURPOSE and be COOL maybe i don't need a woman after all.

anyway where's the lessons?! totally anticlimactic.

I've never eaten one either. In fact, I had never heard of them until a couple of years ago when Mike D dropped a reference about one on the last Beastie Boys album.

Everything's ready to go for my Baked Alaska. The ice cream is molded and the cake is ready. I just have to make the meringue and pop it in the oven. Welf's brother and his fiancee are coming over to share in the experiment, in about 40 minutes. Pictures will definitely be taken.

As for the school'n... it's coming. I just haven't been motivated to finish the next installment. It's mostly written, just needs to be tidied up and posted.

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