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serving MCs on a platter like a baked alaskan
he Baked Alaska experiment was a success. It wasn't perfect, but hey, it was my first time.

It's actually rather simple. Here's what I did. First I made the cake. I just used a box cake recipe, in this case it was a red velvet cake. I also got a quart of ice cream. I chose Black Raspberry Chocolate Chunk.

I baked the cake in a bread pan. After it had cooled, I removed it from the pan and cut the rounded part off the top so I had a flat surface on both sides. After cleaning the bread pan, I lined it with plastic wrap and packed the ice cream into it. I put my cake on top of the ice cream, covered the whole thing and put it in the freezer for about 6-8 hours.

When I was ready to make it, I set the oven to pre-heat to 500 degrees. I made some meringue (I used 5 eggs) while the oven was heating. I took the ice cream/cake combo from the freezer and inverted it onto a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil (cake-side down, ice cream up). I peeled the plastic wrap from the ice cream and coated the entire thing in meringue.

Then I stuck it in the oven for 3 minutes.

Mmmmmmm MM.

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Your concoction is welfy-approved.

I always wondered about Baked Alaska... now I really want to try it!

I always thought baked alaska was a FISH dish! :^o Shows what I know.

It's pretty simple to pull-off. You oughta just make one for yourself :)

Whoa, that looks awesome!

I am envious of your ability to procure Graeter's ice cream.

The baked alaska looks delicious.

That particular ice cream is a Kroger "Private Selection" ice cream and it is far and away my favorite store bought ice cream. It is sooooo good. When I started thinking about making this I knew I'd want to use my favorite ice cream, so that's why I went with red velvet cake: I thought it'd make the colors fun.

Huh! Who knew? I thought Graeter's was the only one to make Black Raspberry Choclate Chunk. I pine for black raspberry ice cream. It is unknown here.

According to Google, the closest Kroger to you is in Alexandria or Lake Charles. :( Maybe if you ever have aoccasion to be passing though on a car trip you can take a cooler and stock-up on it. ;-)

Yeah, there was talk of getting a Kroger here- they were thinking of buying Albertson's. Sadly, no dice. You can bet I'll hit the Kroger in Alexandria next time I'm through though, even if it's just get some to eat in the car.

I love Baked Alaska - did you flame it in alcohol? (not recommended from a safety standpoint, but for authenticity...) Personally, never had the guts ... It's ironic, 'cause I pretty much rule in the kitchen. I mean CIA should pay me to teach (that's NOT Central Intelligence... though they should pay me, too ).

I am, once again, so out of the loop. Did you get my voice mail? Good to see that you are getting back on the road. We will corner you in Frankfort one of these days and make you go out to eat... maybe Jims? Actually, we'll just make you cook!

No I didn't flambe it.

I saw that you called the other day, but I haven't checked my voice mail in forever. I'm really bad about that. I'm awful when it comes to the phone.

It'd be awesome to have you come up. You could the see house and I could cook. I love show'n off my skillz. We're home just about every evening, during the week is cool, so is the weekend. Just lemme know.

that looks great. try using a torch next time instead of the oven. and remember practice makes perfect

God, that looks freakin' AWESOME!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah that's why we invited Welf's brother over to help us. I still had about half of it left. I put it in the freezer and, while I'm sure the magic of eating it fresh out of the oven will be lost, I imagine it'll still be edible and delicious. The meringue will likely lose some of it's fluffy stickiness, but it should still taste good.

Looks yummy :)
You should try getting a small kitchen torch. It was be much easier and less messy to brown the meringue... you could even get all sides without worrying about too much melting.
I have one just because a mini blow torch... I mean... Come on.

Hehehe, I don't even wanna know. ;-)

Holy effing delicious looking!

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