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the late-night train to Lexington

wow... when i get behind the wheel of a car and have along trip staring me down i don't mess around.... it's funny cos everytime i go with my Dad to virginia to see my grandparents/his folks... we always start out around 8-9pm at night with the intention of getting to his mom's around 7am when she's getting up... get some breakfast and go to bed.... we both prefer driving at night... but everytime we do, i do a bulk of the driving and we end up getting to Mineral, VA at like, 4 AM and pull off on the side around about 20 minutes from her house and sleep til 7 cos we don't wanna barge in at such a late hour....

so i'm coming back home from my trip to charleston.... i had thought, you know... maybe i'd get a hotel room, spend the night, start back the next day....

nah... i hauled it from charleston, SC back to Lexington, KY in eight hours.... left at around 9pm and was in bed at home by 5:30 AM....

at least now i know i can get to a semi-tropical location in a reasonable amount of time the next time i just wanna take a long-weekend get away.... it was nice seeing palm trees and sand again....

raw oysters on the half-shell #1

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