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whole lotta rosie
uess what's sitting in my driveway?

Steel tire chains!

Actually, they're in the garage now. One set of dual-chains for the the drive tires and two sets of single chains to be placed where ever they're needed or required. They were left on my new truck by the previous driver. I'm guessing they were too troublesome for him to take when he moved out. I also inherited two load bars. I also have 4 sets of cable-style chains that I never returned to Werner, in addition to buckets full of straps. I assume they're mine to keep since they kept my bond. Heh.

Yeah yeah, I know. These are the pictures you were hoping to see.

She's definitely prettier than Sally was and if the bobtail trip home from Omaha was any indication, she rides a lot nicer, too. She also has a lot more bells and whistles than Sally (air bag dump! power windows! power mirrors! steering wheel telescope/tilt!) which will make every day life on the road a little better.

I've named her Rosie, because, you could say she's got it all.

2004 Peterbilt 387
Cummins motor
Eaton Fuller 8-speed transmission

McMullen put new rubber all the way around, replaced the air conditioning condenser and radiator, put a new hub cover on one of the rear axles, replaced/relined brakes, replaced all four batteries and replaced the heating/air controls. In all, a good 6-7k in repairs before giving her to me. Hopefully I can get a good 50,000 - 100,000 miles out of her before I encounter any breakdowns/repairs of consequence.

Peter Makes It Cummins Shakes It

WOW! A Peterbuilt! Doin it cadillac style :D

I'll have to get Brandon to come in and check it out. He'll fall in love.

Re: Peter Makes It Cummins Shakes It

Cummins has been putting diesel motors in commercial and industrial machines for nearly a hundred years, long before their partnerships with Cadillac and Dodge. For some reason they've always played second fiddle to Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel (and lately Mercedes). Clessie Cummins also invented the engine brake for diesel engines.

If ya'll come up to Frankfort anytime soon, I can take you for a ride ;-).

But how's the sound system? Also, looks like you've got a nice little cottage with room for 2 in back there, Burton.

To be honest, I didn't even bother turning on the radio.

Yes, double bunks. Hey you're currently unemployed right now, too aren't you? If you get bored and tried of sitting around.... road trip?

(Deleted comment)
Oh yeah, I know all about CO's new laws. In fact, they're probably long overdue for having them, I just wish they didn't start so early and extend so far into spring. It's slightly overkill in my opinion.

In Oregon and Washington, you have to carry chains on board through the snow season the entire time you're in the state. For that reason, October through April, I carry chains with me all the time anyway. Now because of CO, it'll be September through May.

Might as well never take them off the truck now.

Wow, 4 batteries? Fancy pants. ;)

That's actually par for the course on Class 8 trucks. They all have 4 commercial-grade truck batteries. But yeah, until I began driving one, it never occurred to me either that a big truck would have multiple batteries.

Donde esta los interior pics?

I miss a nice smooth ride - my piece of crap is one step above a spring suspension (which our trailers are, which sucks assholes).

Also, how many miles are on her now?

These are the pictures you were hoping to see.

Wait - we were hoping to see nekkid Soopageek piccies!

That entry would've been titled "whole lotta soopa"


Congrats. :)

I suppose this means some truck-christening is in order?

Gorgeous - but what I'm interested in are pics of the sleeping quarters ;)

Now that is one place I have never...

I have... in a couple of trucks ;-)

I'll probably get some interior pictures in the coming days.

you think Brian and Angus would have named their truck Rosie as well?

but does Rosie got 'The Jack'?

and if she's a smooth ride then you wont be shook all night long..

holy crap I could go for days on some AC/Dc references. heh *shuts up and goes to bed, so brain may function by morning*

Hopefully I can keep Rosie off the highway to hell.

Oh, Rosie's pretty! I like your new girl. ;)

Best of luck!!
She's pretty-roomy inside? Comfy?
I am so glad that you have her & that they are taking care of you.

As my mother would say,
'try not to break it this time, though'!

Roomy and comfy. I'll probably post some interior pictures within the next week as I get moved-in.

And the girl who grew up in logistics says, "that is a fucking sexy truck." Like, I love the body style even more than the Volvo and it's a Peterbilt.

You like the Volvo body style? I always thought they were kinda boring looking.

For my money though, the sexiest truck on the road is the Freightliner Coronado. *drool*