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i'm going up going over to Montana
n Friday evening I finally went back on the road, picking up a load in Logansport, IN bound for Tacoma, WA. It's nearly identical to the trip I went on back in January when I crashed, in fact I drove by my accident site yesterday afternoon.

I am enjoying the new company I work for. They're very laid back folks and yet, so far, have been fantastic with logistics. They're keeping me busy with all the work I could want, but with sensible parameters that don't require me to work myself to death trying to meet the demands of the load. After I deliver in Tacoma today, I back-haul with a load that's waiting for me in Wallula, WA this evening, due in Dakota City, NE by Friday morning. I'll take Friday off and part of Saturday to reset my 70 hour than try and knock out another 70 before I take a couple of days off next weekend with Welf in PA.

You know the type of people that, no matter what your problem is, they always have some bigger sob story than you? Like if you told them you were just diagnosed with cancer, they'd tell you about how they got cancer AND had to have a limb amputated in the same day? Ordinarily, those folks annoy the ever-living bejeezus out of me, but there is one instance in which I am that person. You can not complain to me about how expensive gas prices are and how it costs $80 to fill-up your SUV, because fucker, I will always win the bitch-fest in that department.

Photo of a diesel fuel pump showing the following:  price of diesel, $4.17 per gallon, total gallons, 208.860, total price, $872.83


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jeez, you could have almost bought one of these:

I don't think I'd have much luck pulling 43k lbs. of frozen chicken with that.

Is that photo actual size?

almost. i had to go with one where you could read the LONG HAUL TRUCKER part.

i guess not everyone has 1600+ horizontal pixels these days. oh well.

also, for 22 tons of frozen chicken, give or take a ton, you really just need to put front and rear racks on it.

if you're really in a pinch, maybe add a bike trailer.

Who's gonna peddle it? Over the mountains at that? And don't tell me you can now that you've quit smoking or some shit.

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