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i'm going up going over to Montana
n Friday evening I finally went back on the road, picking up a load in Logansport, IN bound for Tacoma, WA. It's nearly identical to the trip I went on back in January when I crashed, in fact I drove by my accident site yesterday afternoon.

I am enjoying the new company I work for. They're very laid back folks and yet, so far, have been fantastic with logistics. They're keeping me busy with all the work I could want, but with sensible parameters that don't require me to work myself to death trying to meet the demands of the load. After I deliver in Tacoma today, I back-haul with a load that's waiting for me in Wallula, WA this evening, due in Dakota City, NE by Friday morning. I'll take Friday off and part of Saturday to reset my 70 hour than try and knock out another 70 before I take a couple of days off next weekend with Welf in PA.

You know the type of people that, no matter what your problem is, they always have some bigger sob story than you? Like if you told them you were just diagnosed with cancer, they'd tell you about how they got cancer AND had to have a limb amputated in the same day? Ordinarily, those folks annoy the ever-living bejeezus out of me, but there is one instance in which I am that person. You can not complain to me about how expensive gas prices are and how it costs $80 to fill-up your SUV, because fucker, I will always win the bitch-fest in that department.

Photo of a diesel fuel pump showing the following:  price of diesel, $4.17 per gallon, total gallons, 208.860, total price, $872.83


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Wow! How far does 208 gallons of diesel take a truck, anyways? I suppose it's based on the weight of the load you're carrying, but can you give an average?

To be fair, about 30-40 gallons of that particular fuel purchase was for the reefer trailer I'm pulling, to keep the load refrigerated in-transit.

You'd be correct that the weight of the load plays a large factor as does average speed, terrain, and weather conditions (especially wind and its direction). On this particular load, I'm essentially at the maximum gross vehicle weight. I weighed the sucker with full fuel tanks Saturday morning and was a little over 78,000 pounds. Heading to the west coast is a lot of climbing, especially across the plains which is a mile high climb over the course of 1,000 miles typically in high winds which I'm sure you well know... so it's particularly hard on fuel consumption. I've been fueling daily on this trip, to answer your question. With lighter loads and more forgiving terrain and winds, that can sometimes go down to every other day. It cost me over 2 grand in fuel getting out here. It's par for the course: fuel costs typically run about 40% of gross revenue. To answer your question, I get somewhere between 800-1000 miles on a full tank of fuel, depending on the above factors.

Edited at 2008-04-29 07:45 pm (UTC)

Do they at least pay the reefer fuel? If not, you know to break that off separate (since it's not taxable), right?

Nope, reefer fuel is all mine, too.

I do know to break it off separate. What I didn't know was that Flying J's card reader didn't provide the option to split it like Pilot and TA does, or at least, I had forgotten it. I was unsure if I'd be able to swipe the fuel card a second time so soon, so I said fuck it and ran it all together.

I've never much cared for Flying J. This ain't helping.

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