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i'm a tough mother fucker with a banana split

ripping, Sopping: A Saturation Celebration unofficially formed in 1976 on Michael McDonald's penis shortly after he contracted chlamydia in Europe during a Doobie Brothers world tour. It would prove to be the beginning of a long and profitable collaboration, for McDonald anyway. He took sole composition credit for hits like "Takin' It To The Streets", as the era when cock-growths would dominate the American pop charts was still several years away.

It would be nearly ten years before they would be given their name. During the recording sessions for "Yah Mo B There", James Ingram went into the studio restroom where McDonald was relieving himself. Ingram was reported to have pointed at McDonald's growth and stammered, "Dripping... sopping...". McDonald, by then insane (have you heard Yah Mo B There?), turned to face Ingram shaking his diseased man-sausage at Ingram and shouted "A Saturation Celebration!" After attempts to revive Ingram were exhausted, the newly christened artist completed Ingram's unfinished vocals and re-recorded several of the instrument tracks.

Emboldened by the bewildering success of "Yah Mo B There" and the commercial viability of the burgeoning "Cock-growth Invasion" (UB40, Information Society, Phil Collins), Dripping, Sopping: A Saturation Celebration began writing and recording songs on a 4- track during McDonald's frequent mescaline blackouts. Influenced equally by the mid-80s glam metal and post-punk scenes of the day, DS:ASC recorded deeply personal songs. Songs like "Ballad", "Re: Steve Albini", and "Fuck That, Son" when studied through a lens colored by the origins and history of the artist, become confessions of bitterness, envy, and contempt. "Rock Factory" paints a brutal picture of the music industry at the turn of the 80s by an artist on the fringes of the limelight, churning out mindless hits like a slave for a psychotic master. "Do Your Parents Know?!!!?" and "Tit Spit!", the twin exclamation points of these recordings, are brash and shocking, yet offers poignant insight into life on the schlong of one of America's most beloved recording artists. Legend has it that DS:ASC recorded an album's worth of material but it's unknown what became of those tracks. At least one was rumored to have been titled "Pussy Warship", and a handful of people still living claim to have heard it and said it was decades ahead of its time. But it and the rest of them apparently disappeared into further obscurity along with their creator.

These surviving demo tracks circulated among enthusiasts/collectors on cassette tapes and as mp3 files for over two decades as an EP called Shit's In The Mail. In 2007, these songs were given a digital restoration/remastering by The Loss Foundation and packaged with a re-mix track introduced by long-time DS:ASC fan, Fake British Guy. In addition to making this ground-breaking work available to a whole new generation of fans, there were hopes that, if still alive, DS:ASC might resurface and accept the recognition they so justly deserved after all these years. As of this writing, a year after its release, DS:ASC remains as much a mystery as ever.
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