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you know i made the moon come up two hours late
music collection


If you didn't know the first two, you probably won't know any of the rest. There's some cool pictures to look at none-the-less.












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Are some of these the same people?

#1 is B. B. King.

#2 is Robert Johnson.

Not reading anyone else's answers before I post this:

1. BB King
2. Robert Johnson
3. Muddy Waters?
4. Leadbelly / Huddie Ledbetter
5. John Lee Hooker
6. Etta James?
7. ?
8. Buddy Guy?
9. Big Mama Thorton?
10. Buddy Guy (again)?
11. Blind Lemon Jefferson
12. ?
13. Son House

Actually 6 is Billie Holliday. I think 12 might be a later-years Etta james?

I see BB...and Muddy...and Leadbelly...and John Lee Hooker...(1, 3, 4, 5)

6 is Billie Holiday...9 is Bessie Smith...

1) BB King (I would HOPE I'd know him, I saw him in concert!)
4) Leadbelly
6) Billie Holliday

(Listening to blues tonight?)

For the most part, it's been a big Muddy Waters jones I've been I've been feeding.

I so wanted to see Bobby Rush on this list.

Heheh, everybody's got a favorite. These are some of mine, and with the exception of Etta James and Buddy Guy, I was trying to stick with artists whose careers pre-dated rock and roll.

But where, oh where is Koko Taylor?

Or Katie Webster, or Hound Dog Taylor, Junior Kimbrough, or Lonnie Brooks. Or Taj Mahal, Albert King, or Willie Dixon.

Notice how we're all going for black folk? No whiteys. No Jonny Lang, no Shannon Curfman or Candy Kane, no Jim Byrnes, no Robert Cray or Stevie Ray Vaughan, no Bob Log III or Black Keys.

Edited at 2008-05-25 07:22 pm (UTC)

where Bo diddly, Charlie Parker, Jelly Roll Morton, Otis Redding, Gertrude Rainey, Sarah Vaungh, Junior Wells, Fats Domino and Fats Waller....?

I can keep going with the famous Black Jazz musicians/singer/composers all day :-p

I briefly considered Bo Diddley, Jelly Roll Morton, Junior Wells, and Ma Rainey for this. It's the kinda thing that, you could go on forever making a list of photos... but there's a point where it just becomes too much. :)

Where all the white women at?

I know the names but not so much most of the faces. Funny that.

I am sad to see no Albert Collins or either of the Sonny Boy Williamsons.

Since they've all been guessed through various comments, here's the complete list in one place so you don't have to go digging through them:

1) B.B. King
2) Robert Johnson
3) Muddy Waters
4) Leadbelly
5) John Lee Hooker
6) Billie Holiday
7) Howlin' Wolf
8) Buddy Guy
9) Bessie Smith
10) Elmore James
11) Blind Willie McTell
12) Etta James
13) Son House

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