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she sings from somewhere you can't see
hree years ago today, I met my darling welfy for the very first time at a truckstop in Ohio. She drove 20 minutes in the middle of the night to meet a new LJ friend of barely two weeks. Little did we know that this chance meeting would result in a love affair which only grows stronger and more rewarding with each passing moment. Today she is my partner and my best friend. I love you, Erin.

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All of these hearts and flowers floating out of my computer screen! Seriously, it's so great to hear such wonderful things about a relationship. So many times there is such negativity. See you soon!

Appropriate icon choice you got there. =)

I made it back when Welf and I first starting seeing each other because I was writing sappy posts ALL the time back then, heh.

It must have been a shock when you tapped your foot under the restroom stall and a woman responded....

Get it straight.... it was a gloryhole.

Aww... So cute. Although her's had pictures... :^P

I had a pretty awesome dream about both of you last night. I don't know why, and it never really makes sense to dream about people you've never met in real life, but it made me impossibly happy.

I've lots of dreams about LJ friends I've never met. It was weird, but kinda neat, too.

What was the dream about? Hopefully I was like an international spy and Welf was my super model sidekick and we were saving you from Al Quaeda or something.... with lots of group sex... and liquor.

Haha! That was exactly what happened.

It was actually nothing so exciting as that, sadly. It was more like a big rig roadtrip with picnics and wine. And maybe some group sex. But um, I don't remember.

HAHAHA. Ieeee looohf yoooooo too.

awwww. happy anniversary or whatever. :)

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