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It ain't pretty being easy...

to quote another's journal

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Not much to tell, lotta hard driving, getting ready to head down into God's country and pick up Robin and begin the trip to NYC. As some of you may recall I used to try and do journal quotes of the week, but as is typical of most things I do, I generally grow bored of doing it with any regularity. But I read something this afternoon that made me laugh outloud. This come's from kaseymoe who is a slip-seat driver based out of Kansas City. He also happens to be a very good writer
He wrote this yesterday about a recent trip to Houston.

from kaseymoe's journal:
I have a theory about Houston --based on thin evidence but with four trips to Houston under my belt the evidence is growing. I theorize that the white population of Houston must be made up of the most tiresome, tedious, clueless folks around. Therefore the black population, typically hipper and cooler anyway, gets it's fill of dumb questions from white folks and by the time I get to town, at night and toward the end of everybody's shift in whatever job they're working, - they're all worn out with stupid white folks questions. I come along with one more and it's the one too many that pushes them over the edge.

To wit: I ask the C-store clerk if the buses are still running this time of night. That's an insult - and not worthy of an answer. Ask for a phone book so I can call and pose the same dumb question to the bus company. Another absolutely "you're out of it" look. No phone books, white or yellow. Last trip I asked a clerk at the same store for the store's address - another of those one-too-many-dumb questions - utter disgust for a reply.

Ok, maybe not fair - eventually I get on the bus - and ask the black bus driver if the bus goes near the Greyhound station. No reply - nothing. Ask again later - still no reply but a sort of "Oh, my God where do they get these questions?" shake of the head.

Turns out the bus goes right past the bus station but it was too much trouble to simply say that in words. Again I make the mistake of posing one dumb white question too many to the overburdened folks who'd already reached their quota for the day.

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