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basically had the day off in Amarillo, TX; I got here yesterday evening and my load isn't ready until late tonight. I haven't been idle, though. I spent nearly 5 hours catching up various paperwork that had been piling up. This afternoon, I dropped the trailer and went to a walk-in clinic to take care of my syphilis D.O.T. physical. While I was out, I also decided to do some grocery shopping and locate a recycling center.

As you might imagine, the trucking industry is a remarkably wasteful one. In addition to the petroleum the trucks drink like water and spews the exhaust into the atmosphere, there's all of the take-out/pre-packaged food. What's worse is that there is zero recycling effort put forth by any of the truck stops and seldom at state rest areas. It's always bothered me a lot because, despite my profession, I've always tried to be a reasonably green person. I recycle at home and am conscious of energy use. I decided since I had the extra space in the truck now that I'm no longer training, to attempt my own recycling program on the road. I began it with my last departure from home a little over three weeks ago. I brought with me a large plastic storage bin and placed it in front of the passenger seat, with the intention of using it to collect aluminum and paper, my two biggest waste categories. To cut down on the use of plastic bottles, I keep an empty 1 liter soda bottle and transfer the liquid of 12oz cans chilled in my cooler to it, then crush the cans and throw them in the recycling bin. It's not only greener, but cheaper. When the bottle starts to get a little on the nasty side, I buy a new one.

I filled it in three weeks, though, which under optimum circumstances wouldn't be an issue since I don't usually like to be on the road longer than that, and I could simply empty it when I return home. But I'm on a month-long road trip at the moment and it was beginning to over flow, but I was able to empty it today. I should be good until I get back home the first weekend in September.
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