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can i believe the magic of your sighs?
ast night I drove over to the plant to drop my empty trailer and park for the night until my load was ready. At 9am the load still wasn't ready and I was told that the plant is as much as two days behind schedule, so I could be a here for a while. At least I'll get some detention pay out of it - money for nothing and the chicks for free.

I decided to drive back into town and get some breakfast. I found a booth in the back with access to an electrical plug and chowed-down on my usual steak and eggs. As luck would have it, Amarillo still allows indoor smoking. What kind of world are we living in when Amarillo actually feels civilized compared to the rest of the country?

While fishing the recycle bin photo out of my camera yesterday I found some photos I took about a month ago in New Mexico. I was on some back roads near the "four corners" area of what used to be U.S. 666 until the recent name change. I was driving through some real Close Encounters Of The Third Kind sort of shit when I saw this great rainbow and decided to stop the truck on the shoulder for some pictures.

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Amazing! Thanks for sharing these.

Gorgeous! It's been forever since I've been to Four Corners...I need to travel more!

Awesome pictures! Thanks!

I've never been to Four Corners... Now I really want to go! Thanks for sharing!

So what are you gonna do now that you're stuck for two days?

I'm hoping I won't really be here for two days, but if I am... I'm actually starting to get the writing bug again, and starting to get over my addiction to Carcasonne. I'll probably write and read LJ for most of it. Maybe clean out my truck.

We're hoping you aren't there for two days, either! Although I'm sure your truck could use a good cleaning... ;)

(Deleted comment)
It was a happy accident. Of this series, I had taken the "third" photo first (rainbow in the middle), which has the problematic telephone pole in the middle of it as well. So I tracked to the right to keep the telephone pole out of the composition. It ended up being a much better photo with the additional rock formations and the edge of the storm splitting the photo.

Nice rainbow rod. You know, like a lightning rod, but for rainbows.

Those are gorgeous. I've never been further west than Oklahoma or Texas and only a little bit into them then. I really would like to see that in person some day.

I recommend that everyone travel by land, cross-country, at least once in their lives, preferably from east to west. You gotta fininsh getting across the plain chica, that's when it really starts getting interesting.

those are awesome pics.

your downtime assignment is this. more than a bit of a disappointment but in my view worth the 20 minutes for the recent live footage among other things.

the minute they see me, fear me, i'm the epitome of public enemy

Unfortunately, the flip side of being able to smoke in Amarillo is that their EVDO isn't much better than ISDN which effectively prohibits me from streaming video... but I definitely will check that out when I'm in a place with adequate speed.

That final pic is simply amazing!

Formerly. Lived near Gallup '79-'88. You really captured it well.


Lemme tell ya, them guys ain't dumb.


Heh, whenever I'm in that part of the country I always think of Close Encounters. Similarily, when I find myself on the back roads of Nevada, I always think of The Hills Have Eyes *shudder*

I can only hope that you think of zombies when you're in Western Pennsylvania.

Nuclear cannibal freaks in the Nevada desert, zombies in Western PA, evil forest spirits in the woods of Tennessee, and chainsaw maniacs from Texas.

I wish I was there with you, right now.

If memory serves, you kinda were. I had talked you only about an hour before that but lost my signal when I left the town I was in. ;-)

the countryside out there is beutiful. as for the smoking thing i found that in Texas the law is different from town to town. rather quite annoying really

Custom kitchen delivereyeeyeey

It's good to see you back.

Re: Custom kitchen delivereyeeyeey

I think I just needed a break from this place. It was very refreshing.

Whenever my dad saw streams of light breaking through clouds like in that last shot, he'd always point & say, "There's Charlton Heston."

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