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nice boys don't play rock and roll
While digging around on YouTube for various music related things, I stumbled across some old promotional music videos for the band Rose Tattoo from the late 70s. I had never seen any of these, and wasted a good 30 minutes watching them all. For the uninitiated, Rose Tattoo is a hard rock band that, despite having widespread influence on later bands (particularly the LA sleaze-metal of Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, et al.), has operated in virtual obscurity for over 30 years. This is due in large part to living in the constant shadow of their fellow Australians, ACDC, to whom they are constantly compared and often dismissed as being a poor man's version of. Rose Tattoo's sound is in the same ballpark as ACDC, but they have their own style and flair which is inimitable, particularly in the slide-guitar sound of Peter Wells and the freakish charisma of their diminutive front man Angry Anderson. As proof, check out this video for "Rock and Roll Outlaw" - it's both hilarious and awesome:

And if you've never heard "Nice Boys", there's a studio version of it on YouTube, too, but without an accompanying video.

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you look pretty cool in the aviator shades, but I thought you were taller than that.

If only I was half as cool as Angry Anderson.

Personally, I thought the potted plants on the stools was a nice touch to the whole bad-boy image they were going for.

it's a shame...it's been at least 20 years since anyone has come along who can pull off a totally unique and weird image without looking like a tool, like Marilyn Manson or Slipknot or something. Personally, I long for the days when someone could be a vampire or havea cool hair cut and still earn my respect.

I have missed your music posts.

I'd be worried if a diminutive bald man stroked my cheek like that..

you are right. that was so awesome, and awesomely terrifying, that it hurt. once i get the creepy image of Angry Anderson out of my head, i will have to seek out some Rose Tattoo records.

and it's really too bad that like 3/4ths the band as presented here is dead of cancer.

i should remember the G'n'R cover of "Nice Boys," but i don't. i think the only thing i actually still remember of Lies is that one line about "immigrants and faggots."

5'1!" OMG! He's so short!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Angry Anderson simultaneously awesome and creepy. About as creepy as Bobby Peru!

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