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i can't write songs about girls any more, i have to write songs about women
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
YouTube is good for many things, but the thing I enjoy most is finding music vidoes from by-gone eras, especially stuff that I never saw or haven't seen in a very long time. Last week, I gave you an old Rose Tattoo video. This week, I have some more fun stuff for you. Three novelty songs from the late 80s/early 90s that may have flown under your radar, or as is most likely the case, was WAY before your time. Whatever the case, take 15 minutes and enjoy the awesome.

Scatterbrain - "Don't Call Me Dude"
The most ambitious of the three videos. It actually got a good deal of rotation on Headbanger's Ball back in the day. Wikipedia says it was a top 20 hit in Australia, which speaks volumes about the musical tastes of our brothers and sisters in Oz.

The Pursuit Of Happiness - "I'm An Adult Now"
Filled with great lines like the one I used in the subject, the lyrics are wry and dryly delivered. I thought it was an amusing song when I was 19. Now it's fucking hysterical. Really.

The Look People - "Five"
The previous two videos, I will grant that you may have seen/heard it before. Chances are though, you've never witnessed this next one. The song is completely wacky and its performers even more so. This is one of those low-budget videos where they used every green-screen trick, every angle, and what seems like a gajillion snap-zoom shots. How many minutes does Brubeck take?

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this has nothing to do with the topic you posted about :P i just logged onto lj to ask you something - and here you are, just posting!

anyway, that chicken you and Erin made for Aaron and I the first night I was there.. I know I asked how to make it then, but I forgot! Can you remind me? :)

Cover boneless chicken breast in mayonnaise. Salt with seasoning salt. I personally recommend Lawry's... it's what I used that night. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. And you have Mayonnaise Chicken!

(Deleted comment)
Wow, now that's devotion. I think I owned it on cassette was back in the day at one point. No telling where it is now. My brother might still have it, heh.

wow. i had always heard TPoH was good, but i was surprised. i mean, it's not stuff i would listen to most days, but it was very tightly done.

i think the other two vids are going to give me nightmares. i'd conveniently forgotten just how deeply the world of music had succumbed to Berklee syndrome back in the late 80s. what a contrast to today's Soulja Boy world. and then, in between, we had to tolerate Alanis. they they have the nerve to *wonder aloud* why the record industry has died.

also, were you ever into Nomeansno? that's a virtuosic Canadian band i can get behind and i think they would definitely be your cup of tea. i "accidentally" listened to one of the records they did just a year or two back and was shocked at how good it was.

I went out and bought Love Junk on the basis of a single viewing of that video. It's an enjoyable album: good solid alt-rock.

I can't help but wonder, though, if Moe Berg had been playing anything than that honey blonde Tele that he shows-off every.chance.he.gets through the video if you would've been so generous in your appraisal of it.

As for Nomeansno. I have heard some of their stuff, but I've never read or heard anything that's made me seek them out with more diligence. Perhaps I just haven't heard the right stuff yet.

i'll try and throw a few tracks together for you to sample. i really do think they are just about the perfect band for you.

i'll admit i'm a big sucker for maple-fingerboard blond Teles. but it doesn't influence me; i like the pink BC Rich on the right stage side of the Scatterbrain video almost as much. i *am* intrigued by the guitar solo on the TPoH song; it's the only solo i've ever encountered that uses a pitch transposition pedal at an interval of a major second below throughout, which should sound maddening and awful, but somehow he totally gets away with it and manages to pull off a straight-ahead sounding conventional rock solo. wild.

Re: pitchtrans pedal -- W.T.F.BACON

i know, right? that totally shouldn't work, like, at all. it just comes off as "just another effect." if the wet signal had been even a decibel louder it would have sucked.

I have to say that the balance in production made me a bit teary-eyed for albums past, and rending my clothes (metaphorically, obvs) for the complete loss of this philsophy from say, like, 1999. I know this is awful and I'm going to lose all the credibility that I never had but the last decent mainstream album I've heard in terms of production and balance? Fucking Third Eye Blind. Kill me.

Third Eye Blind? WTF. by the way, they recently turned up in the Make Horrifying Quasi-Patriotic Butt Rock for Uncle Sam campaign. their contribution to the four-minute-interminable-and-really-awkward trailer wars was even worse than Kid Rock's, which i didn't think possible.

anyhoo, you might check out the Ladyhawke record if you like conventional production values and songwriting and all that. i haven't been able to get totally into it because it's a bit too commercial to my ears, but it's commercial in an admittedly good and solidly-grounded way. there's a copy over here.

Haha, you said butt rock.


"butt rock" is a perfectly acceptable descriptor for things like that, and also Nickelback. if you're upset about something else, it's hard to tell from your Internet.

I jus' be laughin', dawg

I don' mean no hurtin', dawg

PS I meant shut up about Third Eye Blind. I know, I know -- but they were tight, slick records. Prods cater too much to fucking earbuds now unless they deal in punk, and G-d that shit has ever been a mess.


LMAO! I've got Scatterbrain on one of my 80s mix cds, along with Faster Pussycat, and White Zombie's "Welcome to Planet Motherfucker" (among other greats). Haven't seen the video in forever though so thanks for that 100 proof shot of nostalgia!

"Welcome To Plant Mother Fucker/Psychoholic Slag" is probably my favorite WZ song. Gawd, I loved La Sexorcisto when it came out. Me and two friends went to see them play at a small club right after its release.

..and if You like Plant MF/Psychoholic Slag, you really should watch this:

I bow to your powers of YouTube searchitude. (Hey, that rhymes). But yeah, Robbie quotes that "tomorrow is a drag" line during my favorite part of the song. Ooooh that awesome bass line...

I didn't even know what movie it was in until just now. I knew of it via a recording from a Rhino comp from the 90s about the Beat Generation. I started to upload the track for you, then thought I'd look it up on YouTube and there it was.

It's funny how I go for so many years not knowing something because I didn't have the power of THE INTERNETS at my disposal at the time. It's funnier because now that I have it, I've forgotten all the things I didn't know... if that makes sense.

A quick Googling just told me that the other memorable movie sample in that song "Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with?" is from The Mummy (1932).

By the way, it's great to see you back on LJ. I haven't been a very good LJ friend lately when it comes to reading, but I did see you were back at it again. I said something to Welf a day or two after you posted your comeback entry and she was like "Yeah. That's why you should read your f-list so you'd know things like that."

It's all good. Look at me...I all but abandoned LJ for nearly 2 years so I'm the last person to make judgements. :)

how funny...I saw tpoh with skinny puppy and golden palominos WAY back in the day. "conciousness raising as a social tool"...what a great song.

Huh. In my head, I've always thought of the Golden Palominos as a recording band, given the "collective" nature of the group. What sort of lineup did they have for a live show? I assume Anton Fier was there obviously but I'm curious about who else was part of the touring band. Frith or Laswell? Was Syd Straw in this lineup? If you happen to remember. . .

I would've liked to have seen Skinny Puppy back in the day.

anton for sure, but most interesting to me was jack Bruce on bass. I got to meet him afterwards and share what a huge fan I was, but even better was sharing what a collassal tiny wanker I found him to be, after he was super rude.

I loved TPoH. I especially liked Hard to Laugh and Ten Fingers off of this album.

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