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because Kentucky is where the art is at
Some of you may have heard of the Weird N.J. book that was a best-seller a couple of years ago. This was followed by Weird U.S. and some sequels. They began a series of websites and officially licensed books written by other folks in other states.

This morning, my pal aloneinky was telling me about Weird Kentucky which she purchased recently. I decided to check it out online and found a book website that contained information about it. It contains forewards by the original authors of Weird N.J., but the book itself was written by Jeffrey Scott Holland. This is interseting to me because I knew him. He was a DJ at WRFL back in the day and is a professional artist of some reknown today. Heck, there's even an "international association of owners of Jeffrey Scott Holland artwork" headquartered in Frankfort.

JSH used to do a rockabilly show at RFL. Through his show and record reviews, he had a profound impact on a my exposure to that entire sub-genre of rock and roll. The Reverend Horton Heat, Flat Duo Jets, The Cramps, and probably most significantly, my love for Billy Childish, are all inextricably linked in my mind to him.

In the past year, I imagine as a result of working on the book, he began keeping a Blogspot called Unusual Kentucky. If you're interested in this sort of thing, there are lots of entries in the archives to dig through. It's also a very active blog at the moment with near-daily updates of stories and information, though some of it is just regurgitated from other sources. It makes a nice, central location for Kentucky-centric stories and oddities. I took the liberty of creating a LiveJournal syndication for it: unusualkentucky. Go head and add it if you'd like to see his blog entries on your friends page.

How come I am just now learning about the band Hermano? Granted, I know that in the past few years I have became increasingly more lazy about searching-out and finding new music/bands. This is the sort of band that someone should've grabbed me by the head, looked directly into my eyes, and spoke clearly using small words and plain enunciation. John Garcia (ex-Kyuss) along with Lexington, KY native Dave Angstrom (Supafuzz/Black Cat Bone anyone?) making heavy/fuzzy/deafening stoner rock is something I can get behind.

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Hey - thanks for the Unusual Kentucky feed. Looks interesting.

Supafuzz used to play up at IU a lot when I was there. Fun band to see play. I'll have to check out Hermano.

I saw BCB or Supafuzz one (I forget now which) at The Wrocklage in Lexington with a couple of fraternity bros of mine back in the day. I recall it being a fun show as well.

I used to have a Supafuzz CD and I sold it back when I went into trucking. There were a few local CDs in that collection I wish I hadn't parted with so easily.

I had the same problem with some Bloomington bands...lost or sold CDs. I still go into local stores there when I'm back to see if I can find them in the used bins. I've had a couple of successes with that.

I'll wager if you spend a Saturday afternoon down near the UK campus, if there are still any CD/music stores left that is, you could probably find some of those old CDs.

That's great that you liked what I told you about the weird Kentucky book. It was $20 if you ever want to get it. I checked out the site today and really liked it. I'm also going to have check out that group.

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