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It ain't pretty being easy...

Excuse me. I don't mean to impose, but I am the ocean.

Some of you expressed interest in seeing the Zia McCabe Suicide Girls photo shoot if I managed to get hold of them. I managed. She's nekkid and preggers. Don't be opening this shit at work if it's going to get you in trouble.

Microsoft has finally allowed POP access to thier Hotmail users, that is, those who didn't abandon them for Gmail 5 years ago. If, like me, you're still clinging to an old Hotmail address because you could've signed up for some porn website 12 years ago that you might need to retrieve your password to, you could be interested to know the details of how to set it up.

incoming: (port 995, Security: SSL)
outgoing: (require authentication, use TLS/SSL)

Have you by chance seen the ThruYou project done by Kutiman? He took YouTube videos of amateur musicians and mixed/mashed them into new, original songs. For presentation, who also chopped-up and cut the video to approximate what he did sonically. It's a mesmerizing music/video album from start to finish. It's probably the single coolest and most ambitious thing I've seen done on the internet in a long, long time. Here's the first in the series of 7 songs he did.

You can find all of the videos individually on YouTube, just run a search for Kutiman. In the description of each, he provides links to the source material for each song. You can also check out all the songs on the ThruYou website linked above.
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