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random bits
Word is Bond

I've decided that, once I've finished watching all of Hitchcock's movies, I'm going to tackle the James Bond franchise and watch them chronologically, in order of release. As a kid, I saw many of them because my dad was such a fan, but I'm sure there's many I've missed along the way, and I haven't seen ANY of the new Bond movies with Pierce Brosnan or that other dude. The last Bond film I saw was The Living Daylights with Timothy Dalton.

In preparation for this task I was surfing through various Bond-related websites and have come to the conclusion that, despite having arguably the best character name in any Bond film, if not all of cinema, that Honor Blackman was down-right mannish looking and not terribly attractive as Pussy Galore. By contrast, now in her early 80s, she has an elegance and beauty few women her age can muster.

Fun Windows App #1: Circle Dock

Ever since Mac introduced the Dock interface, numerous incarnations have made their way to the Windows platform. Vista even comes packaged with its own inferior knock-off, Windows Sidebar. I think docks are pretty but I've never found them terribly useful. The real problem with docks is that they either a) take up screen real estate if they are set to be on top of everything else or b) they're not useful because they're under your open windows. The classic tag-team of the Windows Start button and the Quick Launch bar always avoided these two things and Docks simply didn't improve upon this setup, for me. That is, until I recently discovered CircleDock.

The major advancement CircleDock has, is a combination of its functionality and its shape. Since it's circular, it offers an equidistant travel, from dead center, to the icon of your choice. Why is this important? Because you can set it to remain hidden and brought into view, over everything you have open, centered under your mouse with a pre-defined keystroke or, as I prefer it, with a click of the third mouse button. When you click the icon/shortcut/folder you want, it is executed and CircleDock goes back into hiding. It's like being able to bring the quick launch bar to your mouse, anywhere on the screen with a single click. Since this elimintates the need for the quick launch bar, it frees-up real estate on your task bar for those zillion windows you have open. Of course, I'm hoping that a future release will allow Window minimizations to go to CircleDock like it does in RocketDock. Imagine being able to bring the entire task bar to your mouse!

There are lots of other cool features, some cosmetic, others practical. Probably the most powerful feature is the Dock Folder. Basically, it allows you to nest other CircleDocks inside the main one, sort of like subfolders on the Start menu. For instance, I could create a dock folder and name it "Music". When I click it, it takes me to a new CircleDock which I can populate with shortcuts to all of my music applications Winamp, TagandRename, Audacity, EAC, Reaper, etc. Also, while I have that Dock Folder chosen, it becomes the default CircleDock when I click the third mouse button, until I back out to the main dock (or navigate to another Dock Folder).

Best of all, it's open source and totally free.

Fun Windows App #1a: Screensaver as Desktop

Some of you may have noticed that my Windows desktop looked suspiciously like a screensaver. That's because it is. It's a trick that can be achieved by manually changing some settings in Vista, but why do that when someone wrote a small app that'll do it for you and that you can configure to run at startup? Theoretically, you can render any screensaver onto your desktop as the background in Vista. In practice, it works better with some more than others. The only downside, and it's a fairly big one, is that you lose all functionality of your desktop: the animated background covers your "true" desktop, and therefore the icons. But since I use CircleDock, pffft... fuck desktop icons. With the Aero glass on the window frames and the transparent sidebar, the animated desktop looks cool as hell and the performance hit to system resources is negligible. I mean if you're running Aero and Sidebar, you're not suffering in the resources department anyway are you?

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Actually, OS X docks can be hidden; they'll slide down to the bottom of the screen (or the left or right, depending on your preferred location) out of sight. I prefer to keep mine in view at all times.

Remember that Pussy Galore had become a lesbian after being sexual abused by an uncle at a young age; there's a certain mindset that goes along with that thinking, so Honor Blackman was probably the best choice given that BG info. She's no Luciana Paluzzi, though.

Y'know who would've made a good Bond girl? BarBara Luna, especially as evidenced by this picture.

It's not so much that they can be hidden, most all docks have AutoHide functions. The Windows taskbar and Vista's sidebar can even be set to autohide. That's why I've always thought of docks as merely prettier versions of the taskbar. There's no real, new functionality gained in them.

I think the key difference here is the ability to pull the dock to wherever your mouse is and not have to travel anywhere to get it. This would be an improvement in the traditional dock (or the Windows taskbar or sidebar), but cumbersome since they are linear in nature: you still have to move your mouse an inordinate amount to get where you're going, which is why no one probably ever did it with any of the other docking approaches. It's the circular layout combined with the ability to bring it centered under your mouse that makes it useful.

I think my favorite Bond girl would have to be Diana Rigg:

luckeyisis owns every Bond movie made, except Quantum of Solace (just because she hasn't bought it yet). She could probably be convinced to loan them out.

Even the 1967 Casino Royale & Never Say Never Again?

1967 Casino Royale, no. Never Say Never Again, I believe so. I don't think it came in the box set, but I thought we got it separately? I'd have to check when I got home.

Well, those 2 aren't part of the official canon at any rate. If this person had the stuff with Barry Nelson as American Bond, I would be impressed.

Are you talking the Never Say Never again where Connery comes back as Bond after Moore has already done a couple movies? Am I thinking of the right one?

As I recall, Never Say Never Again got made due to a loophole of some sort. Some company owns the exclusive rights to make Bond pictures. NSNA was actually a remake of Thunderball if I remember correctly, and not made by the company that made all of the other Bond pictures. Yes, Connery was Bond in NSNA. Moore was in Octopussy that same year. At one point, both pictures were in their theatrical run at the same time.

I appreciate the offer, but I'm notoriously bad about returning borrowed movies until an inordinate amount of time has passed. Besides, that's what the internet is for!

If I was still working and being forced to use Windows, I would probably have to steal that set up you have!

Also Pierce Brosnan was a great Bond. The new guy is good for the material, but they are going in a whole different direction than classic Bond/classic Bond films.

I haven't seen any of the new Bond films to know, but have seen some TV commercials. I'm sure the CG-laden special effects and impossible action scenarios which plague many modern action films has had an influence on the Bond franchise.

yes that is exactly what has happened, they wanted the Bond films to be younger and hipper and edgier, or something like that.

Living Daylights does not qualify. Timothy Daulton is inferior to even George Lazenby as Bond.

In fairness, they didn't give him great scripts, but still, he doesn't hold a candle to Roger Moore and isn't fit to even look in Sean Connery's direction. Connery is and will ever be the best Bond.

Oh, no arguments about Connery as the best Bond. No arguments about Dalton either, just pointing out the last Bond film I'd seen. Honestly, all I remember about The Living Daylights is he and some chick using a cello case as sled down a snowy mountain or something. As for Lazenby, he was the only Bond to tie the knot wasn't he?

Yeah, Lazenby was only in On Her Majesty's Secret Service - the transition Bond between Connery and Moore.

He was the only one to tie the knot...unless you count Connery in You Only Live Twice when he got married for the sake of the mission.

The Pierce Brosnan movies weren't bad at all. I quite like GoldenEye, in fact.

To be fair to Dalton, he was working with old Moore scripts, but he was a nice return to the Bond of the books, who is just a plain bastard.

Speaking of screensavers, I finally tracked down one that I loved when I had a windows box. It's old--1998--& ran on everything including 2000, but I never tested i on XP or Vista, so who knows. But it probably would work. Anyway...remember the old Starflight SCR that came with Windows & how fucking lameass it was? This one was written by a German guy & it's WAY better, looking like warp streaks from the later Star Trek incarnations. Amiong the upsides are:

  • Colored stars
  • Two sets of stars (one 'far away', one 'nearby streak'
  • Far more stars than you get with the starfield SCR
  • Full 3-axis motion
  • Can be set to any angles besides straight ahead, & can be set to randomly rotate angles
  • Motion (but jerky motion)
  • Can play music in the background

    The only drawback is that the controls (as I recall) are labeled in German, but I think you'd be able to suss it all out. Here's the link; I think it would look awesome as an active desktop.

  • omg, Circle Dock! that is something i haven't heard of yet! Must try. I use google gadgets currently, which i love, they live on the side tho....still they are helpful.

    I have also ALWAYS wanted to know how to make a screensaver a desktop!!!! you so rule with these tops. Must make a Depeche Mode screensaver into Desktop...soon!

    not sure if you saw this, but the final 4 idol contestants had to write about their favorite entry from another contestant, and darkprism chose one of gutterlust's entries...


    No I hadn't seen that. Thanks for the tip!

    no problem, you created a highly memorable character.

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