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Sunday's lunch with sparklymegz was fun as I expected. We got to know each other and she had her first Hot Brown ever. However, I discovered something about myself as a result of lunch, as well. My friend Robin has long accused me tipping attractive waitresses better than I tip guys or less attractive ones. Sunday, I received what was arguably the worst service I have ever received at Ramsey's. Generally the service is adequate if not exceptional at Ramsey's, but it was just after the lunch rush and everyone appeared to be a little frazzled. It was no big deal, yet it certainly wasn't stellar service. I kinda have a system when it comes to tipping. When I receive adequate, passable service, I tip the standard 15-16% gratuity. When the service is poor, I tip very low, 5-10%, and when I get exceptional service, I tip whatever I think it warrants: usually 20%+. The bill Sunday was just under $20, like $18-something. The gratuity I left on the table was four singles and a pile of coins that I had received back in the change. Basically, about 25%.

But she had the biggest, beautiful brown doe-eyes you've ever seen in your life. ;-)

This week, I'm putting in some Indiana-time. I spent most of the day yesterday and this morning in the Indianapolis area then headed out east to Muncie and Richmond. My new trip will take me down to Bloomington, Vincennes, Evansville, and New Albany tomorrow, but for now I'm just sitting in Indy with a hot pizza, wireless internet, and a little time to kill.

For the past two days I've been on a radio kick and, as usual, I have thoughts, insight, and criticism to share, but as usual...

Yesterday I listened to "hit radio" and today I listened to "classic rock" radio.

As a preface, keep in mind, I don't listen to much radio, -especially- mainstream, commercial programming. I'm quite sure I''ll be talking about musical groups and songs which are old news to some of you who may be reading this. So, just keep this in mind before sending me a comment asking if I live in a cave or something, because, well, I do, pretty much. I have my own avenues for hearing music that appeals to me and radio is seldom one of them. But I digress. Whatever you wanna call it, Top 40/mainstream/pop/hit radio hasn't changed much since I used to listen to it everyday after school when I was 12. The rotation is SUPER heavy. A couple of songs you can expect to hear every hour. This particular station apparently has an all-day battle every day between two songs, voted on by listeners every hour, and it is the "song of the hour". Yesterday's song of the hour every hour was "The Remedy" by Jason Raz (sp?), who basically seems to be a low-rent cross between John Mayer and Dave Matthews. The song it was competing with was some Nelly ("ain't you that MTV house nigga with a smile like jelly?" - KRS-One) song which I vaguely remember hearing a time or two. I heard some new Nickelback (thank you, Canada) as well as a solo song by Chad Kroeger (Nickleback's frontman, in case ya didn't know). Incidentally, I've decided Carlso Santana is just a big ol' whore. Then there's that one song that goes "I like it when you do that right thar! Right thar!" which I had heard before. It always cracks me up. It reminds me when of when this guy I used to work with, Ike, would teach me ebonics and I had to pronounce "everybody" as "errrrbody". There's also this other song which is downright cute that goes "Stacy's mom has got it goin' on". One of them pop-punk boy bands from the sounds of it. Of similar ilk, that Atari's cover of "Boys of Summer" always finds me singing along with it. I heard the new Staind single, which, I have to admit, yes, I have an appreciation for that band. I'm not big on nu-metal but that Aaron-what's-his-name has a mighty fine voice and is guilty of writing a good lyric and melody from time to time. I also heard Eminem's "Lose Yourself" from the 8 Mile Soundtrack which I like, thank you very much but it got me to thinking about something. The radio edit of that song barely clips the short "u" sound from the word "motherfucker", so that basically, it sounds like "motherfcker". I hardly see the point. Methinks the FCC will do one of two things, eventually loosen up completely on indecent language on radio, since essentially it's already there anyway, or, they will become more admanat about what constitutes an edit (the word completely bleeped/silenced/etc). Should be interesting to see which way it goes.

Today I listened to some classic rock radio, which was my listening of choice as an older teen in highschool. A lot of my inital self-education in the history of rock and roll came out of this format. Don't get me wrong, a lot of this music is great stuff, but there's only so many times I care to hear Led Zeppelin and the Doors everyday. It occured to me that one of the defining properties of the 1970's arena rock song was the opening drum fill. When you think about it, it almost became a trademark of the era. So many great songs began with drums and nothing else, and they are instantly recognizable the second you hear that opening beat: AC/DC's "Back in Black" with the clacking rim-tapping followed by the closed high-hat whisper right before the main riff, Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" with it's pimp-stroll boogie beat, Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" with a zillion cymbals hissing. I'm sure there are others, but these pop to mind.
Of course, today was two-for-Tuesday (yes, they apparently do this on every classic rock station in the country) so I got plenty of "double-shots" all afternoon. The second song I heard (after "Sweet Home Alabama") was Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird". I've never really cared for this song as a whole. But, despite it being the justly deserved cliche of 70's rock at it's most excessive, there is that one moment, right after the verses and just before the 3 minutes of guitar solos that I love. The last little bit of lyrics "Lord, I can't chay-a-yange. IIIII-iii-yime freeeee-ee-yeee birrrrd, yeah-eah" when the tempo of the song starts to pick up is a sweet piece of music. I've also decided that Bob Seger's "Night Moves" has a killer riff that for some reason only became apparent to me today. For me I guess it was always overshadowed by the lyrical reflection on adolscent sexual awkardness, experimentation, and curiosity. I've always liked the song, I just didn't realize the guitar hook was so neat. Actually I've always had a special place reserved for Bob Seger in general. Sure he's no musical heavy-weight and will be little more than a footnote, but there's something that has always appelaed to me about his music. I actually had an opportunity to see him live, my second concert ever, somewhere around 1988. It was a fantastic concert.

I'm listening to lotsa new music now and will more than likely be doing a "music adventures" post sometime in the near future, somplete with downloads avaialble. Keep an eye out.

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