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soopageek top 50 artists... in photos.

Here's my top 50 in pictures. I'm not sure why I did this. I like band photos. There's something mesmerizing about them. Feel free to make guesses in the comments. I'd advise that you make your guesses before looking at the comments. I suspect some won't be guessed. I probably wouldn't get half of them if someone had posted them in their journal. If you're curious, the file names of the photos in most cases will give it away. Even if you're not interested in trying to guess, it's still a fun collection of photos.

1. Ramones

2. Dripping, Sopping: A Saturation Celebration (aka lossfound)

3.Modest Mouse

4.Nashville Pussy

5. Adebisi Shank

6. The Sonics

7. The White Stripes

8. Beastie Boys

9. Nine Pound Hammer

10. Jucifer

11. Sonic Youth

12. Muddy Waters

13. Motorhead

14. Superchunk

15. Rolling Stones

16. Mudhoney

17. Dead Moon

18. Hermano

19. Kyuss

20. Spider Virus

21. Babes In Toyland

22. Gluecifer

23. Bratmobile

24. (International) Noise Conspiracy

25. Tricky Woo

26. From Monuments To Masses

27. James Brown, Soul Brother Number One

28. AC/DC

29. Karma To Burn

30. The Vines

31. Halo Of Flies

32.Cuby & The Blizzards

33. Slint

34. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

35. Queens Of The Stone Age

36. Rockt From the Tombs

37. The Refused

38. Priestess

39. Meat Puppets

40. The Fucking Champs

41. Monster Magnet

42. Rose Tattoo

43. Ray Charles

44. Hasil Adkins

45. Kool Keith

46. Johnny "Guitar" Watson

47. The Exploders

48. Richard Hell & The Voidoids

49. The Distillers

50. Thee Headcoats

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