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last.fm top 50 artists... in photos.
Here's my last.fm top 50 in pictures. I'm not sure why I did this. I like band photos. There's something mesmerizing about them. Feel free to make guesses in the comments. I'd advise that you make your guesses before looking at the comments. I suspect some won't be guessed. I probably wouldn't get half of them if someone had posted them in their journal. If you're curious, the file names of the photos in most cases will give it away. Even if you're not interested in trying to guess, it's still a fun collection of photos.

1. Ramones

2. Dripping, Sopping: A Saturation Celebration (aka lossfound)

3.Modest Mouse

4.Nashville Pussy

5. Adebisi Shank

6. The Sonics

7. The White Stripes

8. Beastie Boys

9. Nine Pound Hammer

10. Jucifer

11. Sonic Youth

12. Muddy Waters

13. Motorhead

14. Superchunk

15. Rolling Stones

16. Mudhoney

17. Dead Moon

18. Hermano

19. Kyuss

20. Spider Virus

21. Babes In Toyland

22. Gluecifer

23. Bratmobile

24. (International) Noise Conspiracy

25. Tricky Woo

26. From Monuments To Masses

27. James Brown, Soul Brother Number One

28. AC/DC

29. Karma To Burn

30. The Vines

31. Halo Of Flies

32.Cuby & The Blizzards

33. Slint

34. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

35. Queens Of The Stone Age

36. Rockt From the Tombs

37. The Refused

38. Priestess

39. Meat Puppets

40. The Fucking Champs

41. Monster Magnet

42. Rose Tattoo

43. Ray Charles

44. Hasil Adkins

45. Kool Keith

46. Johnny "Guitar" Watson

47. The Exploders

48. Richard Hell & The Voidoids

49. The Distillers

50. Thee Headcoats


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For a split second I thought this was a superhappytime post! Until I remembered you had done this.

I know who some of these are because of us talking last night. :^)

1 ramones
7 white stripes
15 stones
27 james taylor?
35 queens of the stone age?

This is a terrible thing for me to try to do because I have prosopagnosia :V I base #1 on the hair, #7 on the fact that I distinctly remember that episode of the Simpsons, #15 on Mick Jagger's lips, and #35 on a vague memory of having read a blog post about those christmas sweaters. #27 i basically pulled out of my ass.

You got all those right but one. You might want to have a look at your ass, because you're not pulling things out of it correctly. You're right on the James part.... but this guy most certainly did not sing "Fire and Rain"

1. Ramones
3. Modest Mouse
4. Nashville Pussy
7. White Stripes
8. Beastie Boys
11. Sonic Youth
27. James Brown
28. AC-DC
30. The Vines
33. Slint
35. Queens of the Stone Age
43. Ray Charles
49. One of Brody Dalle's bands, I'll guess The Distillers

Correct on all counts. Nice job on Slint. I debated back and forth whether to use one of the old photos or something newer from the reunion a few years back. Since photos of the band from back in the day are rare, I figure there'd be a better chance of someone recognizing it, since the same two or three photos gets used everywhere.

okay i know about 20-25 of them, but as always I'm gonna let other have a shot first. then I'll pick up the slack in the end

Well, I've warned everyone not to look in the comments if they want to make guesses, so knock yourself out if ya like. :)

1. Ramones
3. Modest Mouse
4. Nashville Pussy
6. Joy Division?
7. the White Stripes
8. Beastie Boys
11. Sonic Youth
13. Motorhead?
15. Rolling Stones
21. Babes in Toyland (weird how much Kat Bjelland looks like Reese Witherspoon there)
27. James Brown
28. AC/DC
35. Queens of the Stone Age
43. Ray Charles
48. Richard Hell & the Voidoids
49. the Distillers

i belong to the ___________ generation but i can take it or leave it each time

#6 is a much older band. Otherwise, correct on all counts.

Yeah, the Motorhead picture is a little tough 'cause Lemmy looks so young in it. And the other dudes have all that 80s hair.

Kat Bjelland was a stone fox when she died her hair blonde and wore the baby doll dresses in the early days of Babes in Toyland.

I was wondering who the first person would be to recognize my Lexington, KY homeboy Richard Hell. I guess Bob Quine was always bald. It's a shame he passed away so soon. Not a lot of people are aware that Quine was the hired-gun who did those blistering guitar leads on Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend".

I agree...band photos are cool. You've really fallen in love with that band with no words, I see.

And I'm not sure how I feel about Modest Mouse photos that include Johnny Marr. Not that Marr isn't cool. But he's like 80. And becoming a "band member" of a band that's been around for 15 years when you are an established rawk god from 30 years ago just seems weird.

Speaking of rawk gods from 30 years ago, I also don't like photos where Kim Gordon looks older than shit.

I listened to Adebisi Shank faithfully for 2-3 weeks. I've listened to their album a couple of times this weekend. I haven't been scrobbling long enough (or listen to music on computers enough) for it to be accurate and normalized. Any brief infatuation can send an artist high into my charts, then I might not listen to them again for months or years.

I'd probably still do Kim. Hell, I'd probably do Thurston if he got me drunk and sang "Eric's Trip".

With a new-ish Nashville Pussy album that I've yet to consume, that will also likely involve a revisit of previous albums, I suspect they'll be jockeying for the top spot in the weeks to come.

Hehe we're listening to 14 right now! Go Superchunk!

it's my life it is my voice. it is stupid, it is my noise!!!!!!!!!

Every couple of years I go through this phase where I listen to nothing but Superchunk albums for a month. I just went through one of those spells back in September. I love to sing along just as manically and passionately as Mac does. They have such great melodies.

It doesn't hurt that I always had a bit of a crush on Laura Ballance, either.

I'm kinda shocked that no one knows No. 2! What the hey?

Ha! Welf included, there's maybe 4 people on my flist that would get #2. The real chore is guessing which nom de plume actually resides in the #2 spot on my charts.

1. The Ramones, 2. lossfoundation etc., 3. Modest Mouse, 4. Nashville Pussy, 7. The White Stripes, 8. Beastie Boys, 9. 9 Lb. Hammer, 10. Jucifer, 11. Sonic Youth, 12. Muddy Waters, 13. Motorhead, 15. The Rolling Stones, 16. Mudhoney, 24. The(Int'l) Noise Conspiracy, 27. Duh, 28. AC/DC, 30. The Vines, 33. Slint, 34. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, 37. The Refused, 39. The Meat Puppets, 43. Jamie Foxx, 44. Hasil Adkins, 48. Richard Hell & the Voidoids, 49. The Distillers

And yeah, you got me listening to a bunch of that stuff.

much as i might be (very!) flattered that apparently something i did is in your topodapopslist, it's quite frightening seeing my mug at that res. i mean, shit, i'm on a diet here.

While you might be frightened seeing it, I've always liked that picture. It's got this total "soul man" vibe to it.

i can't believe no one got Kool Keith. that is an amazing photo of him also.

also i believe this came up recently but my memory is shit, so you do know about the Nine Pound Hammer / 12 Oz Mouse connection, right?

Actually, he schlepped me along to a show they played at which they talked about it and played the theme.

Haha, I'm going to see #26 tonight. Never would've recognized them.

Yeah I never would have either.

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