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(no subject)
I went back and added the names of the bands to my list of top 50 last.fm artists from the weekend, if you're interested.

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2 things struck me about that list:

a) I thought you didn't like Kool Keith...or was it just Ultramagnetic MCs?

b) who the fuck listens to the Vines?

she never loved me she never loved me she never loved me why should anyone

Oh I have no problem with Kool Keith and like him okay, I've just never quite understood his darling status and instant credibility that is lent to anything he touches. Actually, Kool Keith is a good example of what I was talking about with my last.fm charts. His appearance in my top 50 is based almost entirely on my fascination with the song "Diesel Truckin'"

As for the Vines, their first album is a solid effort. Their subsequent records, not so much.

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