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you've got to scrape the shit right off your shoes
This morning, while being stupid and using the cheater bar in a way that is not intended, I banged the shit out of my shin. I put two big gashes in my skin. It hurt like hell, too. It feels better now, but there's a really gross mass of dried blood surrounding the wounds that I won't have an opportunity to clean-up until I get home tomorrow. I really should put together a small first aid kit to keep on the road with me.

I'm currently parked in Middlesboro, KY where I deliver in the morning, just a few miles from the Cumberland Gap. After I emtpy, I'm meeting a guy back in Corbin and taking his loaded trailer from him and heading home for the weekend. I'll start next week off in Asheville, NC on Monday.

Yesterday I saw a girl who looked exactly like Shay Laren.

Though she wasn't as chesty. To make matters worse, she was probably only 15 or 16, which officialy makes me a dirty old man.

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This picture is kind of hypnotizing in a weird way.

Oh there's nothing weird about it. :)

Yes, but it's weird for me who is so very hetero!

I've sat and stared at it many times. I first came across it as a forum avatar and after being mesmerized by it so many times I finally asked the guy where it came from and he told me who it was an the video form which it was taken.



Yawn. Her boobs are way too fake-looking to be attractive. And kind of floppy. It makes me thankful for mine.

I believe Ms. Laren is all-natural, hence the floppiness. They're nice and all, but everyone knows I'm a legs sorta guy.

I apologize for the squishiness of my own legs.

I fail to see the problem.

(...said the guy who just spent 10 days shacked up with a 19-year-old.)

At least 19 is of majority age, it's a little hard to make a case for comparing a 15 year old, on vacation with her family no less, to a Penthouse model, heh.

Still works for me. When I was 26, I was dating an amazing 15-year-old girl, so...

The picture is very necessary.

Damn. One of my stores is in Corbin...let me know if you're going there again. I'm usually there once or twice a week.

Heh, I usually roll through Corbin once or twice a week. I spend a LOT of time in the 75 and 65 corridors working for this company.

nice job, I needed a little pick me up this morning...yes nice find

Just wanted to say thanks for that.

(Deleted comment)
Is there some way to NOT like this post?

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