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he's looking down on me as he passes
Last night, I rode The Dragon.

Why is fruit punch red? Rather, why do we universally accept that fruit punch is supposed to be red?

If, like me, you use multiple computers, you may find the Firefox add-on Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) useful. Utilizing their servers for storage (or a server of your choosing if you're paranoid about these sorts of things) it synchronizes your Firefox bookmarks on as many computers as you care to install it on. It also has the option for synchronizing your passwords; but that I am paranoid about, so I've never tried it. The bookmark syncing though, is a wonderful thing. It's become one of the three things I immediately add to Firefox on any computer I setup for myelf, along with Down Them All and Ad Block Plus.

Over the weekend, I bought a pickup truck.

It has 320k miles on it and set me back 400 bucks. I've been wanting to get a second vehicle for a while, preferably a truck for the occasional hauling capacity. As tight as finances have been, I wasn't sure I'd be able to swing it, but the guy I bought it from is a good friend of my brother's and was willing to take some of the money now and some of it later. He even told me to not worry about putting myself in a bind and to just give him the rest whenever I could.

The motor seems solid but the transmission is a little flaky. Bajillions of S-10s have been made over the years and my brother does auto salvage as side-work, so keeping it running shouldn't be too much of a chore. If the transmission goes, I can just drop another one in.

My other, youngest brother is relocating back to central Kentucky from eastern Kentucky. For the time being, he's going to crash in our basement until he decides where he's going to land. He's already secured employment in Frankfort and will be helping-out with some of the expenses when he can. I hope he decides to settle in Frankfort permanently. It'd be nice to have him in town. In the meantime, it's going to be a blast having him stay with us.

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Woo! The Dragon! That road is scary, even if it is fun. Congratulations on making it through. :)

Doing it in my truck was... interesting. Especially in the dark and barely being able to see my trailer as I went through the curves. Though, I can't imagine doing it during the daytime when there's actually traffic. I was taking up the entire road through all those switchbacks.

i can't believe you did the dragon in a fuggin' semi. at least 10 bikes lose their shit on that road every year.

Not only is it curvy, but the road surface isn't flat, it rolls all around with the surface underneath it. So it's not just the lateral movement to navigate the curves but the road is bucking and twisting underneath you. I imagine on two wheels, it'd be fairly easy to lose your shit. On four though, it just tosses you back and forth on the springs of the vehicle. Besides, with 40k lbs of lumber on the trailer, I was lucky to be going 15-20 mph through most of it.

My brother, sister and I rode the Dragon in 1995, in a 1974 VW Bettle. It was a blast.

There were quite a few motorcycles and I hear they come from far and wide to ride it.

Yeah, I really want to make that trip on my bike.

If you make a trip like that on your bike, you better stop and visit us in KY when you do!

Actually, I wanna go back down there sometime in the car and take Welf. It's close enough for a weekend getaway and a neat area in general.

Psht, goes without saying!

Also, I don't know whether you trolled lossfizzle's entry, but I got a new one over the weekend.

That's a sweet looking bike.

They have a "motorcycle resort" on the south end of the pass called Tail Of The Dragon and over in nearby Cherokee there's a huge biker rally every summer.

Last night, I rode The Dragon.

I thought that sort of activity was heavily frowned upon up in those parts. :D

What, haven't you seen Deliverance?

HA my friend and I went camping up there a few years ago and we kept seeing signs for TAIL OF THE DRAGON and we had no clue what it was.

I stopped outside Tail Of the Drag briefly last night, but it was dark and closed-up for the day. It ws like, 2am or something like that when I came through.

We asked someone at a hotel nearby and they explained what it was. We were like "ohh...that annoying twisty road..." I guess it would have been fun on a motorcycle, but in a car it was just annoying.

I love the truck, but does the truck love me? Awwwwww yeah.

I have a feeling that The Brother and I will be BFF. Now, if only I can get him to play Mall Madness with me!

Do you want to dress him up and have tea parties, too?

And braid our hair and talk about boys.

send me your number. I could probally come down Saturday for a little bit. I am supposed to meet up wiht Robin on Saturday but probally not til later.

(502) 320-7141

We should be around all day. In the evening, we'll be heading to Louisville for a concert.

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