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why waste time looking at the waist line?
Whilst reading the following entry along with the rest of your f-list, please enjoy my latest 8tracks mix. The link will open a new window/tab for you so you can start the player and come back here to finish your LiveJournal browsing.

At the end of last week, I loaded in Huntingburg, IN with a load of particle board being shipped from the MasterBrand cabinet plant there, to another MasterBrand plant in Martinsville, VA on Monday morning, allowing me to stop in Frankfort for some home time along the way. It was kinda cool because, I used to haul for MasterBrand almost exclusively back when I worked for Werner as a company driver. I had been to both plants before, actually. I left mid-afternoon on Sunday and was in Martinsville a little after 1am. The next morning, I was empty by 10am and ready for a new load.

I sat for a while that morning, as is typical with this company. It's the thing that I dislike the most about my current line of work; their logistics sucks resulting in really long days. Sure, I don't do anything for those 3-4 hours I sit through the morning and early afternoon, but I've been up since 7-8am, and when I DO finally get a new load, I have to go get it, secure it, and tarp it. By then, it's usually 5-6 in the evening and I'm looking at a 7-8 hour drive still.

So anyway, this is what happened on Monday. I was ready to roll with my new load around 6pm; a load of plywood going from a Georgia-Pacific plant in Gladys, VA to an 84 Lumber yard in Columbia Station, OH - a little southwest of Cleveland. That's quite a haul, but I had until 4:30 the following afternoon to get there. I drove until maybe 3am and got some rest. I realized that, to make it there safely before the appointed time, I was going to have to fudge my logbook by about an hour. Not a big deal, I could catch up to it later, so off I went.

Uncharacteristically, they pre-assigned me my next trip; a load of roofing shingle going from Medina, OH to Louisville, KY. For the record I love roofing shingle loads; they're easier to secure and don't have to be tarped. Thing is, even with the time I was allowing myself, unless everything went perfectly, making it over to Medina before 5pm was going to be tight. So I told dispatch this, because I wanted to do the right thing and not have one of customers in a bind because I couldn't make the pickup appointment time. As a precaution they removed me from the load and I presume they began looking for another truck to go get it.

By 4pm, I was empty at 84 Lumber and Medina was only 25 miles away. I had 60 minutes to make a 40 minute trip, so I called dispatch to let them know. However, they had indeed found someone else to take the load so now here I was without a load and only an hour or two left in the day. Naturally, I got stuck in Columbia Station for the night. I parked in a nearby strip mall and spent the night eating pizza and writing my Heroes recap.

So this morning, I awake to a message on my Qualcomm. I'm to pick up some steel plates over in Youngstown and take them to Knoxille, TN by tomorrow afternoon. Away I go, stopping briefly at a service Plaza on the toll road for lunch. I get to Youngstown at 12:30 in the afternoon only to find that there's been some mistake and the load that I've been dispatched with has already been picked up by a different truck. In short, the load fell through. And with it being this late in the day. . .

. . .you guessed it. So I'm currently sitting at a truckstop outside Youngstown. Dispatch is on Central time, so they'll be in the office for another hour and a 20 minutes. However, I'm in Eastern time and most of the plants' offices are either already closed or they're going home in the next 20 minutes. Do you think that the next time I have a load assignment, especially one that is: a) easy and b) going near my house that I'm going to open my big fat mouth about maybe/possibly not making the appointment time? You bet your sweet bippy I won't.

So, I'll probably hang out in the truck for a little while longer to make sure I don't get assigned something, then I'm going to get a much needed shower and have dinner. There's a Quaker Steak and Lube just up the street which I may do. There's also Club 76 across the street: a strip club with a restaurant, or vice versa depending on how you look at it. As tempting as that is, honestly, I could go for a bucket of QS&L right about now.

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Q: Would you really be tempted to go to a strip joint in Youngstown?

Actually I've been in there before, a few years ago. It wasn't great, but it wasn't completely awful either. And it's not just the fact that it's Youngstown: roadside and truckstop strip joints typically aren't the same caliber as say, a "gentleman's club".

That said, it's been my experience that every strip club has at least ONE attractive dancer. It's just a matter of economics. An attractive girl has more competition in an upscale club for lap dances, but there's more money floating around - she just has to work the room harder. If you're the only hottie in a club full of bowsers, the money might not be as plentiful and regular, but you'll be the one getting the most of it and you don't have to work nearly as hard.

Of course, the real issue here is that I don't really care for strip clubs. I step inside one maybe once every year or two. The illusion/fantasy aspect is arousing... and that's the problem. Ultimately, you walk out. . a little funny. . . but alone.

That's why I'm not big on strip clubs either. Even going with an S/O is not that exciting for me since it has the aspect of paying to see someone naked or having them perform for you or whatever.

I agree. I find strip clubs largely unsatisfying. But, once every year or two, I get that urge to see a room full of strange boobs up-close and personal and I wander into one.

The places that allow "hands on" dances are a bit more fun, though a lot more expensive and frankly I don't have that kinda money to be giving it away to strippers for a couple of erotica dances to bad hard rock music.

I've known guys that would go and blow $200-$300 every weekend in strip clubs on booze and dances... I dunno, that's just not my idea of entertainment. If I was gonna blow $300 in an evening on entertainment I'd much rather have a really great meal, hit a casino and have a couple drinks at the blackjack table.

I am more jealous of you getting chicken wings than seeing strippers. :^(

Someone needs to start a club where they put baskets of chicken wings on a stage with a smoke machine and strobe light just for you.

And that someone is YOU! Get on it!

Medina is where the girl I visited in June is from. She's running for some sort of educational oversight board thing there.

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