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smoke the day's last cigarette
I began smoking cigarettes regularly when I was 16. After 22 years, and one year ago today, I quit that habit cold turkey. I have had 2-3 cigarettes in that time, the last being in April, but that's it. I'm sure in the future I'll allow myself the occasional cigarette or cigar, but I'll never allow myself the habit, short of contracting some terminal illness and not giving a shit any more. Having quit smoking and doing flatbed trucking all year long, I'm arguably in the best shape of my adult life.

One year later, I notice the smell of cigarette smoke much more acutely, especially on other people, but it doesn't bother me to be in the presence of other smokers. I'll never become one of those annoying non/ex smokers that gives everyone shit for their habit.

I still have cravings nearly every single day, especially after a meal. I suspect I always will.

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I went out and had a cigarette right after reading this.

Seems the mention of or even just the thought is enough to set me off.

I used to be that way when watching movies. Anytime anyone would lightup on screen I'd grab one and join them.

congrats on making a year. i am just past the 19 month mark now. i have not had a single cigarette in that time. i would really like to try to become a (very) occasional smoker at this point, having my monthly cigarette to celebrate life or whatever, but i have to admit i'm sort of scared to fuck with it. i guess if i'm ever friends with a smoker again then i might try and bum one from them. but as is i'm really too cheap to go buy an experimentation pack. camels have gone to like $5+ a pack *HERE* in the time since i've quit! good timing, me.

i too also notice cig smoke way, way more than i used to as a first-time non-smoker. i'm mostly annoyed by it on people, but i would never admonish them, except to tell them that quitting is easier than it might seem.

and live secondhand smoke will always be a very dear smell to me. i sort of try to hang out as long as possible inconspicuously when someone nearby lights up. this summer i had a really brief phase of going to casinos just for the secondhand smoke.

i really haven't had genuine cravings of any kind for a long time now. but i abruptly realized the other day that i have actually replaced the cigarette "meal tie-off" with chocolate. if i don't have some kind of chocolate or at least some kinda sweet something to signal that eating time is now finished, i am pretty uneasy and/or start acting like a real asshole.

I found this article that may explain the cigarette/chocolate phenomenon. Kind of interesting: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cravings/200805/why-theres-always-room-dessert

Hey, congratulations, man! I had no idea. (That goes for both of you.)

My other guitarist smokes Luckys. They're close to $10 here. It's fucking ridiculous. I've been two years now. I still have cravings after heavy meals, stressful days etc., but I haven't given in yet.

I've sorta been quiet about quitting because I have a history of making BIG PLANS and then failing or changing my mind. I think I've only made mention of it once in the past year here on LJ.

Stress really doesn't trigger a craving for me. The two things that were the worst for me were after meals and while dicking around on the computer. For several months after quitting, I would catch myself absent mindedly patting my pockets for a lighter, etc while on the computer. I haven't done that in a while though. After a big meal though, yeah I still get them.

I'm not too worried about occasionally smoking. I wanted to rid myself of the habit and have no desire to have it back. I'm hoping that with the trend of cigarettes becoming so expensive that the tobacco companies will begin making a smaller package for the social smoker. I won't allow myself to buy a full pack of cigarettes because the rate at which I would like to occasionally smoke is much slower than the time it would take for cigarettes to go stale. How awesome would it be to be able to to buy a 5 pack of smokes for a couple of bucks every now and then?

I've also thought about checking into loose tobacco and rolling my own, if I could by the tobacco in quantities small enough to utilize before going stale. I could keep the supplies at home and allow myself one on the weekends after a meal.

My brother is living with us at the moment and he still smokes. I haven't once bummed one from him. Of course, he doesn't smoke my brand.

I know what you mean by second hand smoke. That first bit of smoke that comes off of a freshly lit cigarette is one of the most awesome smells in the world.

I'm glad you made the choice early. It took my dad two heart attacks to do it and I'm still worried he'll take it up again before too long.

I always had it in my head that I would quit somewhere around 40. Last year, when I briefly quit truck driving and took the management job, I thought it'd be a good time to give it a go, since I'd be in an environment where I couldn't smoke all day long anyway. I had been growing increasingly tired of the smoker's cough, etc. over the past year and just decided it was time.

I think that, barring a family history of cancer, that habitual smoking is relatively harmless for a young adult - provided they eventually quit as they approach middle age. I'm also a firm believer that the occasional use of tobacco is virtually harmless at any age, the trick is not making a habit of it.

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