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After the truck accident, I acquired my first Bluetooth capable phone when replacing the one that was destroyed in the crash. I bought a cheap headset for it. It was awful. People I talked to heard themselves echoing in their conversations and using it in a noisy truck environment was impossible due to the background noise. When I went to work for Hornaday, I began saving all of my loyalty points with Travel Centers of America for the purpose of getting a professional grade Bluetooth headset. About a week ago I finally hit the magic number; I had saved enough to give me a $100 in store credit. I settled on the BlueParrot B250-XT and It was $99.99 with "truckstop markup" so basically I got for about 7 bucks in tax. Now I'm gonna save them up and get a free GPS system.

You may recall me recently celebrating the one year anniversary of smoking cessation. I decided that since I've successfully kicked the habit to allow myself to occasionally enjoy tobacco. The problem is that cigarettes go stale and have become very expensive, so I had been tossing around a couple of ideas for using loose tobacco, like making my own cigarettes or possibly a pipe. Last week, I bought a carton of 200 filtered cigarette tubes, a 6oz. pouch of tobacco, and a simple machine for putting the latter into the former.

The three things cost me $14, $8 of which was the machine. The first cigarette I made was awful, I didn't put enough tobacco into it and it was all squishy and burned hot and nasty. The second I made I went overboard and it was a chore to drag on it. I finally got the hang of it, though. It's fun making them, but at the same time, it'd be a chore to make 20-25 of these a day for a habit smoker. The first week I had it, I smoked 4-5 cigarettes - because I had it in the truck with me. Now it's sitting safely at home. The plan is to maybe smoke one or two on the weekends when I'm home.

I'm stuck on the road for the second weekend in a row. I did get to stop in Frankfort twice this past week and spend the night, though, which makes this a little easier. I've already done the driving that needs to be done and have nothing to do tomorrow. I'll probably sleep in, treat myself to steak and eggs in the truckstop restaurant, then lounge in the truck all day.
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