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Two yeas ago today, in the mountains of Tennessee, the lovely lady welfy consented to be my wife before a small gathering of family and friends. These past two years haven't been great for the world, and in my case it's been particularly bad. Hindsight being what it is, it wasn't a great time to embark on a marriage. The first year was HARD. This second one has been much better. Both have only been bearable because she's been there at my side: loving, working, supporting, believing. She has been the beacon in the storm, but she's also the wind in my sails.

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Happy Anniversary to you both!!

"Thairty years ago today, May and I were married. Some of you were there, some of you weren't born, and some of you are now DEED! But...we both said 'I do,' and we haven't agreed on a single thing since."
"That's true...!"
"But I'm glad I married yeh, May, because hey....could've been worse."

You and Welfy

Congratulations to you both! I am contemplating marrying my trucker boyfriend and I suspect it will be hard on us both for a while, but worth it in the end. Good luck in the future!

On another note, I recently came across many of your old old old entries and found them very fascinating reading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, etc. over the years!

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more.

Congratulations and best wishes for the joys you'd had together and the hardships that have made your marriage even stronger.

Thanks for having faith in me. ♥

happy belated anniversary to both of you and i honestly cannot believe it has been that long! how time flies when you never log in.

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