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photo dump
Here are all the photos I dumped from my camera last week, as promised. I'm not going to caption them or anything because I'm far too lazy to fool with that, so if you have any questions or observations feel free to fire away in the comments.


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Wait - who was in your bunk?

My lovely welfy, of course. We had a weekend planned to visit my grandfather in Virginia but I didn't technically make it home that weekend; the closest I made it was the Charleston, WV. So Welf met me at the truckstop there and then we continued on in the car.

But the state of West Virginia is one of the states that we had to, um, notch off of our list so-to-speak... so we spent a little quality time in the bunk before setting out for Virginia. ;-)

Who else would it be? I've been around these parts since 2005 and I ain't goin' anywhere! :^P He can't seem to get rid of me.

You sound so shocked that I have a hawt wife. ;-)

I don't know why I am shocked - I didn't have any particular image of her in my mind.

I was about to put *rimshot* but combining that with a herpes comment just sounds gross.

Man. I could totally use some topless nude food liquor. My supply is gone.

I've only been in there once, many years ago, but it's pretty awesome. Club 76 is outside Youngstown on 80 across from one of the truckstops. It's a full service restaurant/bar/strip club, bookended by an Asian massage parlor and a book store.

So yeah, you can have some drinks and a steak while watching the floor show, get a couple couch dances, then work-out the resultant frustration at either end of the building.

The night I took those pictures I was walking to a Quaker Steak and Lube up the street, because I had been jonesing for some of their wings. To some that probably seems pretty lame, but to you Pennsylvanians that probably seems perfectly understandable.

I've only ever seen one Quaker Steak & Lube in my life. It was all the fuck the way out on the north end of town where no one ever goes & it's closed now. I heard the food sucked. Also, point of interest: despite my long-term residency, I am not now, have never been, & never will BE...a "Pennsylvanian".

I'm addicted to their Premium Garlic wings. I get a compact bucket of them and eat them all by myself.

I used to drive all the way back to CT for TK's American Wings, so I understand.

Edited at 2009-12-16 04:04 am (UTC)

I love being your truck-wife.

You need to find the time to come be truck-wife again someday.

hmmm topless....nude... well which is it, its either one or the other now.

or was the food nude served by topless people? or topless food by nude servers... yes i need sleep at this point.

Yes :) I use the username Mezoti for nearly everything online (LJ is the exception, although I did register mezoti here.)

I was like "BOY, that looks like a Norcadian facial bifurcation...!"

Heh :) Well it is Mezoti!

Anna, IL ... the home of Bunny Bread.

That's what I thought. I spent my summer in Anna, IL doing an internship at Clyde L. Choate Mental Health & Developmental Center. I looked at it and go "that looks like OUR Bunny Bread.."

Anna was 15 miles south or so of where I got my bachelors degree. :)

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