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Last Friday, I turned 40. For months I've thought about what I wanted to write to acknowledge this milestone birthday. Not only does it mark another decade in one's life, but 40 is usually viewed as the halfway mark by a lot of people.

Yet for the most part, I've felt pretty unfazed by its passage. When I turned 30, one could argue I freaked out and had my midlife crisis prematurely. As I approached 30 I took stock of my life and decided that it wasn't what I wanted and it wasn't making me happy. I decided at the age of 29 to divorce my high school sweetheart; the mother of my 3 boys. I left an American-dream kind of suburban family life, and made a severe career shift at 32. I was in the wrong life, with the wrong person, and working in the wrong profession. As painful as it was to admit these things to myself, and as painful as it was to leave my kids, I have never had any regrets for the choice I made. I may very well have not made it to 40 had I stayed.

Turning 40 has naturally caused me to take stock of my life again. Is my life perfect? Of course not, nor do I have the unreasonable expectation that it ever will be. But I am happy. Immensely happy. I have a marvelous woman to share this life with is who generous, kind, supportive, and devoted. I thrive in her love for me. In return, I find myself even more madly, deeply in love with her every day. I have a fantastic extended family and wonderful parents. I have three great kids who are becoming young men right before my eyes. I'm arguably in the best health of my adult life. I've quit the habit of smoking and I have a physically demanding job which keeps me strong and active.

In short, life is good. 40 ain't nothin'.

To celebrate my 40th, welfy planned a getaway weekend for us in Northern Kentucky and treated me like a king. We stayed at the Wildwood Inn in Florence, a hotel specializing in "theme" suites. We stayed in the Utah Canyon room, since Welf knows I've missed getting to travel out west since I've stopped trucking 48 states.

We dined at a posh seafood place in downtown Cincinnati. It was here that, at the age 40, I had my very first (and probably last) martini as a pre-dinner cocktail. For an appetizer, I had the best black mussels dish I've ever had in my life. For the main course - - salmon stuffed with blue crab and brie and a glass of pinot noir. Back at the hotel, Welf changed into a little sump'm sump'm she bought especially for the evening. Needless to say she looked incredible.... and fade to black. Fade in... later we enjoyed the in-room hot tub for a while before calling it a night. I have the best wife ever. Period and end of discussion.
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