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snow day
When I got my trip information yesterday that said I was going to Gaithersburg, MD I groaned audibly and gave a sigh of resignation.

Of course, the customer is closed due to the TWO FUCKING FEET OF SNOW everywhere. Not getting unloaded today severely lowers the chances of me making it home this weekend.

I dropped the trailer and drove around for a bit. I found a liquor store and scored a couple of bottles of wine; one for tonight and a backup for another time. I bought some Diet 7up while I was out, too. So far, it's the best tasting diet soda I've found. I plan to spend the rest of my day listening to music, working on mixes, and playing Carcasonne online at AsoBrain.

I'm developing a taste for Afrobeat music as of late, which is odd because I'm not typically a fan of so-called world music. Here, have some Tony Allen.

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I know ya dig Dr. Pepper. Have you given their diet a try? I -hate- diet pop (sorry western PA here haha) cause it all has that stupid diety gross taste and an after taste but other than diet 7up/cherry 7up the only kind I like is Diet Dr Pepper. It tastes pretty close to the regular and now after drinking it for so many years (I'm a diabetic so that was a big thing I had to cut out) I can't even remember the slight difference in taste! If ya haven't ya should totally try it :)

Yeah I've tried Diet Dr. Pepper. It still tasted very diety to me. Everyone keeps telling me that I'll grow accustomed to the flavor of the artificial sweetener over time. I think 7up will be my best bet for acclimating myself to it, then perhaps I can go back to other diet sodas and they won't taste so weird.

I still am not used to the diety flavor in most of the diet soda's I've tried. Coke and pepsi I can't stand the diet thats why I went with the diet dr pepper it tasted the least diety and the most like the real deal. While I do not like a lot of diet sodas I simply cannot stand the taste of regular soda now, they all taste super sugary and way over-sweet to me. I've had diabetes since I was 18 or 19 and i'm 27 now it took me years to get away from regular soda but finally after 3 years or so I made the switch and never looked back. As for now I am trying to cut out sodas completely because I'm super worried about Kidney problems/stones. Several in my fam have had them and I drank way more soda then they and my parents just told me something came out that even one 12 oz soda a day can really increase risk of kidney problems/failure. So needless tos ay it's been a lot of water and iced tea with splenda for us now :)

If ya like the diet 7up and like cherry give their diet cherry 7up a try I kinda like it. I'll get it sometimes if I have a stomach ache cause for some reason 7up/cherry 7up always seem to help me feel better lol!

Edited at 2010-02-12 04:20 am (UTC)

Shaddup. Why I oughta...

Have you tried coke zero? I think it tastes more like the real stuff than diet coke. Diet cream soda isn't bad either.

I've tried Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi One and Pepsi Max. Pepsi Max ain't bad.

Ugh. I can imagine that most east coast destinations would be a sucky draw right now. :-/

Some of King Sunny Ade's seminal work has some, uh, interesting pedal steel work in it.

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