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should I filter this crap?
We have a cheap bathroom scale at home of questionable accuracy. With that considerable grain of salt, I've lost in the neighborhood of 8 pounds when compared to what the doctor said I weighed two weeks ago. Basically all I've done is cut the vast majority of soda from my diet and been a little more mindful of what I eat, at the same time, I still eat the occasional McDonald's cheeseburger (I've eaten there three times this week) but buffer it with low fat/cal/carb sandwiches and salads at other times.

Not that I'm trying to necessarily lose weight in my quest for lower triglycerides/cholesterol, but it will likely be a pleasant side effect. I could stand to lose 25-30 lbs. and look much more svelte. With all of this muscle I've put on the past year, I might even start to look ripped.

I got into Frankfort around 3 this morning. I had an appointment with an oral surgeon at 9:15 this morning, but after not actually making it to bed until 4:30am, I blew it off and got some sleep. This afternoon I'm going to visit with my old pal aloneinky for a while in Lexington, visit my kids as well, and then probably spend the latter part of the night with a bottle of wine.

My ever talented welfy has a lead role in a community theater production which opens tonight. I will be going with a large group of our combined families tomorrow night, so I'll be largely left to my own devices this evening, and for the weekend in general.

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staying healthy on the road isn't always the easist task.

I was thinking the same thing. I work three miles from home and I have a bad fast food habit myself. I can't imagine trying to find healthy food off the highway or trying to cook on the road. Good for you, Soop.

I have a hard time staying away from McDonald's. It's so cheap, tasty, and ubiquitous that it's hard to avoid.

You got that right. I take and eat a lot of my own food on the road though, so that makes it a tiny bit easier.

I was going to say that.

I think eight pounds is no small feat for a road warrior, or anyone really.

Have you ever seen or looked into a kettlebell? If I were on the road, that's what I would do. You can exercise anywhere. They also make band systems which aren't bad. Light and effective. I bought the ones endorsed by Terrell Owens, super dose of self-love not included: http://www.tobands.com/

Re: I was going to say that.

I'm not too worried about strength training since I get a lot of that in my regular routine with doing flatbed work. My primary concern is going to be aerobic exercise. I bought some athletic shoes this weekend and plan to get some appropriate clothing so that I can begin a routine of jogging at home and away.

First, I don't see a need to filter these types of things.

That aside, being mindful of our food consumption is very useful! Good to hear that being so for one aspect of your health, is benefiting you in other aspects.

I hope you enjoy the Play! Sounds like a fun one.

Eh, I'm just worried that a lot of people don't care to see me wax endlessly about my nutrition and health. It doesn't make for the most enthralling read.

I'm kind of wondering about that scale. I've been eating like crazy for the past few weeks and should weigh like 50 more pounds by now. But it says I only weigh 105 pounds or so.

I can't wait until you see the play. :^)

I'm a super sucker for those McDonald's lattes and snack wraps... which I read into the calories in those... the snack wraps are just as fattening as a big mac...

I think the only thing remotely healthy at McDonald's is the water and the salads. Anything else is going to be packed with calories and carbs.

hey man... i know you said you didn't want any esympathies... but i'm sorry you're having such an utterly shit time of things right now and i'm thinking about you if it it makes a damn bit of difference.

Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

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