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should I filter this crap?
We have a cheap bathroom scale at home of questionable accuracy. With that considerable grain of salt, I've lost in the neighborhood of 8 pounds when compared to what the doctor said I weighed two weeks ago. Basically all I've done is cut the vast majority of soda from my diet and been a little more mindful of what I eat, at the same time, I still eat the occasional McDonald's cheeseburger (I've eaten there three times this week) but buffer it with low fat/cal/carb sandwiches and salads at other times.

Not that I'm trying to necessarily lose weight in my quest for lower triglycerides/cholesterol, but it will likely be a pleasant side effect. I could stand to lose 25-30 lbs. and look much more svelte. With all of this muscle I've put on the past year, I might even start to look ripped.

I got into Frankfort around 3 this morning. I had an appointment with an oral surgeon at 9:15 this morning, but after not actually making it to bed until 4:30am, I blew it off and got some sleep. This afternoon I'm going to visit with my old pal aloneinky for a while in Lexington, visit my kids as well, and then probably spend the latter part of the night with a bottle of wine.

My ever talented welfy has a lead role in a community theater production which opens tonight. I will be going with a large group of our combined families tomorrow night, so I'll be largely left to my own devices this evening, and for the weekend in general.

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I'm a super sucker for those McDonald's lattes and snack wraps... which I read into the calories in those... the snack wraps are just as fattening as a big mac...

I think the only thing remotely healthy at McDonald's is the water and the salads. Anything else is going to be packed with calories and carbs.

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