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you didn't have to shake it, but you did

I really need to get my head out of my ass. Last night I picked-up a pre-loaded trailer of construction supplies in Greenville, AL to take to a job site near Knoxville, TN. It didn't needed to be tarped which was awesome. So what did I do? Left my tarps on the empty trailer I dropped and never transferred them over to the new trailer. Now I'm 350 miles away from the closest Hornady terminal with no tarps. They'll either have to find me a load that doesn't need tarping and get me back down south, which might be tough from them to do. Or they'll deadhead me back down to Birmingham, miles I won't get paid for. I'm such a moron.

ETA: Another driver is bringing me up a set of tarps from Birmingham on his way to Pennsylvania. Today is pretty much a lost cause though. I'm sure I'll be sittin here in Knoxville until tomorrow morning.
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