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easy money
back dat ass up
I've arrived in Birmingham at the company terminal. The safety director Wolf (who you may recall did my orientation when I started with the company a year ago) met with me for a few minutes then showed me to my accommodations. They have a small room with two beds in it for housing drivers in situations like these rather than incurring the cost of a motel. I'm told that I will have a roommate by tonight or tomorrow, another injured driver who's coming to stay at the terminal.

He told me that, until I'm better, I will just sit in the terminal office for 8 hours a day and get paid for 8 hours per day. They'll utilize me if they need me for something, otherwise I can do whatever I want. I asked if they had much light-duty work around here and he said no, and that I'll probably just be sitting around most of the time and suggested I bring a book. I guess I'll take the laptop with me and goof off online all day. I'll be just like a real office worker! Tomorrow morning I have to go see their doctor and get evaluated and might be given some physical therapy in an attempt to speed along my healing.

Maybe sometime over the weekend I'll take a bunch of photos around the Birmingham terminal for a photo entry like the days of yore. But for now, all you get is a photo of my gnarly ankle.

It's feeling much better today. I can even get around without the crutches, but I still use them to keep the weight off and let it heal properly.
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That looks mighty painful. ouch.

DUUUUDE. My ankle looked exactly like that when I fell and sprained it back in Dec.


Ye gods that looks terrible.

And your legs need a shave, too...

Good god! I had no idea it looked that horrific!

I felt this nausea in my gut upon seeing your picture. Ugh! :^( I hope your room-mate isn't too annoying.

Okay, your ankle is officially damaging my calm.

Every time I refresh my friends page ... there it is. Making my insides hurt for you.


I can't believe that fucker isn't broken, because it sure looks like hell.


Please please please start using a natty cane.

Oh man. Sorry! That looks awfullllll. :(

Yikes! Hope you feel better soon!

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