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they shoot'n hoops

So Louisville swept Syracuse in the Big East. You can bet any coach who has to face Syracuse in the post-season will be analyzing the game film from those two games. Rick Pitino is Patton to Jim Boeheim's Rommel: you magnificent bastard, I read your book! Pitino apparently knows how to exploit Boeheim's 2-3 zone, something hardly anyone else has been able to do, and held the Orange to only 44% field goal completion. Of course, the big key to exploiting the 2-3 was pretty simple: the Cards took 40 3-point shots and hit 12 of them.

Kentucky's half court offense is looking a little better in the past couple of games. Of course we're talking about conference punching bag teams like Georgia and Florida. Not that Billy Donovan can't coach his way to a big win from time to time; the Gators put away Tennessee just a couple of games ago and very nearly did it in Rupp today. You have to wonder if Donovan is regretting his decision to stay in Gainesville rather and turning down the Kentucky job - not once, but twice - since it seems possible this will be his 3rd straight trip to the NIT after winning those back-to-back national titles. I understand all his reasons for staying at Florida, with teenage kids well-established in their lives there and not wanting to uproot them, but there has to be a part of him that wonders what it'd be like to sitting where Coach Cal is right now.
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