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they shoot'n hoops
back dat ass up
So Louisville swept Syracuse in the Big East. You can bet any coach who has to face Syracuse in the post-season will be analyzing the game film from those two games. Rick Pitino is Patton to Jim Boeheim's Rommel: you magnificent bastard, I read your book! Pitino apparently knows how to exploit Boeheim's 2-3 zone, something hardly anyone else has been able to do, and held the Orange to only 44% field goal completion. Of course, the big key to exploiting the 2-3 was pretty simple: the Cards took 40 3-point shots and hit 12 of them.

Kentucky's half court offense is looking a little better in the past couple of games. Of course we're talking about conference punching bag teams like Georgia and Florida. Not that Billy Donovan can't coach his way to a big win from time to time; the Gators put away Tennessee just a couple of games ago and very nearly did it in Rupp today. You have to wonder if Donovan is regretting his decision to stay in Gainesville rather and turning down the Kentucky job - not once, but twice - since it seems possible this will be his 3rd straight trip to the NIT after winning those back-to-back national titles. I understand all his reasons for staying at Florida, with teenage kids well-established in their lives there and not wanting to uproot them, but there has to be a part of him that wonders what it'd be like to sitting where Coach Cal is right now.

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Yeah, I would certainly be thrilled to leave a school where I've proven I can win that has 20 year old women wearing halter tops around in January to live in a place where I might also be able to win, but I won't be playing much golf and would have to own a overcoat in winter....

We've had this discussion before. Suffice it to say you can't deny that there are a handful of premier collegiate basketball coaching jobs in the country. Kentucky is one of them and Donovan was their first choice. Maybe he likes being in a place where his every move isn't under constant scrutiny. As I mentioned above, I'm sure his 14 year roots and his kids' lives were also a huge factor in his decision. It's not that I think he's some kind of moron for passing up the opportunity, I just imagine that he has to wonder what it would've been like to have taken the job.

As a fan, I wouldn't want a retread coach...especially if the goal is to win a title...no coach has ever won at two schools...it would be fair to wonder if Donovan is even that dedicated or if he's less interested like other Florida guys (Spurrier, Urban Meyer) after success...if he regrets anything, I would say it's not going to the Magic and having Dwight Howard, not to mention setting himself up for a prime job at TNT or ESPN when he inevitably fails, as all college coaches do....

As for premier jobs, I don't know if I really believe that anymore. Not even in football, though Notre Dame and Alabama would have you believe different...one had to poach a guy from a small school and the other had to pay a gazillion dollars to a mercenary who was desperate to go anyplace after failing at the NFL because he thought Dante Culpepper was a better answer at QB than Drew Brees. The last few years it seems that despite the media and hometown fans talking about marquis jobs, the only ones to leave a good situation for a name school are alumni (Roy Williams), fat white Irish guys (Brian Kelly, George O'Leary), or mercenary douche bags (Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin, Larry Brown). Other than that, places like Kentucky and UCLA have had to settle with poaching guys from smaller conferences or mid-tier schools like Pitt and Georgia.

lets just hope Uconn and Syracuse don't meet and have another game that goes into 6 overtimes. then again the Huskies have been so crappy and inconsistent this season that i wouldn't be surprised if they don't make the NIT this year.

They have had a strange season, and it doesn't help matters that Calhoun was MIA for a while. But yeah, how do you go from beating Villanova on the road and handling West Virginia, but then get blown out by Cincinnati and Providence?

as i've said before it just might be time for Calhoun to step down as much as i'd hate to see him go or at least find palyer that can work together. on the plus note the Uconn women just broke their own national record with 71 consecutive wins. if they continue to a second undefeated season it'll set the record somewhere around 80 straight until next season.

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