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put money in your idle hole
I went home this past weekend for a couple of days. My spirits have been so down for the past couple of months, and not being able to be at home for most of this time has made it worse. Getting to cook some meals and hang out with welfy is just what I needed.

So I'm back in Birmingham again doing a whole lot of nothing on modified duty. I basically spend 16-17 hours a day sitting in front of my laptop. It's getting really old, really fast. I'm a bit discouraged by the slow-down in my recovery. I seemed to be surpassing everyone's expectations and I had set myself the goal of trying to be able to return to full-duty work by the end of this week, but for the past several days I haven't noticed much change. I'm beginning to think returning to work by the end of the week isn't a realistic expectation. It's still really sore and not very stable. Two more weeks of this is going to be HARD.

My roommate, Burt Denver, is going home today and won't be back until next Monday, so I'll have the room all to myself for nearly a week. I'll probably spend most of the week/weekend watching basketball tournament games, catching-up on some of my TV shows, and making mixes.

A few of you folks have photo galleries on my web space. A couple of weeks ago, Dreamhost moved my account to a new server and it caused a number of them to stop working, including my own. Today I got with support and the issue has been resolved, if you even noticed in the first place.

For some reason, Semagic has decided it doesn't want to work any more.

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alice is an awesome guitarist in your icon.

They moved from ruble to hagstrom. I noticed when pine started shitting all over itself.

Apparently tech support guys now need to know nothing about shells or configuring years old unchanged email clients as well as asking how to go about finding information. Dreamhost needs to up the bar on their hiring standards.

Other than that though I didn't notice any interruption in service. The photos I link to from LJ are generally in directories not gallery software.

Apparently it was just a minor thing that needed to be changed in the congif.php file of the Gallery installs. Other than that, yeah the server move seemed to go pretty smooth.

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