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new pictures

Location: Spiceland, Indiana

I have been horribly remiss about my photographic chronicles, but I finally got around to getting them all organized and online. Basically, every picture I've taken during the month of October is now online. Bear witness to my Central Park tour where I walked it from end to end or my other NYC adventure with my friend Robin. I've also been taking some nice autumn photos in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Finally, there is my brief walking tour of the resort hotels in scenic French Lick, Indiana. I highly recommend this last one. The architecture of the two buildings is astonishing and if you ever get the opportunity to see it first hand, I recommend you take it As always, you can check out my entire photo album here.

Enjoy the photos. I hope everyone has a fun Halloween. As for me, I'll be driving home during it. I pick up my load tonight at 6pm and will get home around 9 tonight. Hopefully I won't be dodging pumpkins falling from overpasses in the process. Oh yeah, and happy All Saint's Day.

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