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back from haitus?
back dat ass up
Hello LiveJournal. How the hell are ya?

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Welcome back -- we missed you. Does your return to the road also mean a return to LJ?

Possibly, we'll see. It will certainly afford me an opportunity to write about and post photos of new and interesting thing, which is what seems to be my catalyst for this place. While I've enjoyed being home more regularly, the domestic front doesn't always make for the most engaging content.

Does this return to the road mean a return to KC?

Eventually I'm sure. :)

Lazy as fucking hell. How are you?

I love being lazy, but seldom have the free time to pursuit it like a champ.

I have all the time in the world right now to be lazy (long story) and hate it. I can't wait to be doing something! Glad to see you're back though!

We're all still here, living inside your computer. Nice to see you again!

Isn't that what's great about internet friends? They're right there inside your little machine and you can just switch it off and come back to it whenever you want.

sleepy. i have a bellyfull of waffle and i need a nap.

Dork. This update is unsatisfactory!

I put together a dining room table and chairs today. My right index finger is swollen from using that little piece of metal that furniture companies supply to attach everything. Other than that, can't complain. Glad to see you back.

I have a partially constructed mix for you from way back when. Maybe I'll get around to finishing that one of these days.

Glad to see your post

What part of MO are you doing your training?

Re: Glad to see your post

I'm in Springfield until sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.

Re: Glad to see your post

Excellent. Have fun and congrats on the new gig.

I must have missed where you stopped working for the flatbed place. I remember you had hurt yourself, but were recovering.

While I was on light-duty with the flatbed carrier I stumbled across the local job. I wasn't quite recovered enough for the physical demands of flatbedding but I was well enough to drive a truck, so I packed-up and went home. I've loved being home every day, off every weekend... it just wasn't paying the bills.

Yay! Welcome back to LJ. I should probably do the same.

Missed your posts. (:

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