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april torrential downpours and cataclysmic thunderstorms better bring fucking may flowers
back dat ass up
Is this thing on?

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I'm thinking yes. You can't fool me.


Can I have your cataclysmic thunderstorms please? I would like some actual weather over here.

You're welcome to them. We're approaching flood stage here in Frankfort and need to be rid of the rain, pronto.

I hope for your sake that it mellows out :/ Definitely a difference between a pleasant drenching and, y'know, scary levels.

(Deleted comment)
The cricket chirping has been getting pretty loud here lately, but I'm still around.

I've been debating a come back and wondered if the mass exodus from this place would necessitate me going through the hassle of like, you know, meeting new people on here and shit.

Nup. I'm not here. This is the answering machine.

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