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soopa@LJ 3.0
So it may be apparent that I'm trying to get back into the LJ swing of things. Obviously, it's a different place than it used to be in the days of yore. First MySpace, then Facebook and Twitter have resulted in a mass exodus. To that, I say GOOD! Most of the people who left for those other sites were the same people who posted 10 times a day about what their dog was doing or what they were having for lunch. I'd much rather have a few quality posts per month from someone than a bunch of shit filling up my f-list on a daily basis.

It's not like there aren't still a LOT of people around LiveJournal to get to know. You ever look at the stats page? Of LJ's 30+ million accounts, 2 million are considered "active". Half of those (almost a million) have been active in the last 30 days, and half of those (almost 500,000) have been active in the last 7 days.

I imagine that most of you are like me, who have become disenchanted with how many of your friends are no longer around here. So I suggest you join me in doing the following:

1) Take a look through your friends list and identify the active ones. See if there are any who you think would like each other, that aren't already friended, and suggest to them that they check each other out. I know I would love to hear from some of you about friends you might have that I'd enjoy. Feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments of this entry if you can think of any... especially if they're hot. ;-)

2) Make at least one, new, active friend this weekend, totally unrelated to ANY of your current friends. Look through commmunities you enjoy or totally new communities you've never been a part of.

3) Repeat as necessary until you have an f-list size which is right for you.

Good luck! I look forward to getting some friend recommendations from you. Now, I'm off to poach a friend from a community somehwere.

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(Deleted comment)
I'll probably pass on sinetimore. I actually just spent 30-45 minutes reading some of his entries but I have a feeling that I'd start skimming over them if I was doing it on a daily basis. There's not a ton there that I think I'd find to relate to enough to comment on a strike up a friendship.

But while we're in the spirit of it, may I suggest to you joie_de_bruit, lowercasedee, and cryslea.

(Deleted comment)
I'm really crazy and self-absorbed. I talk about men, sex, heartbreak and immature things.

(Deleted comment)
Sure! If you don't like it, I shall not be offended!

You're one of my favorite journals, mostly because I can relate to it a lot. :^)

Sex and heartbreak are the cornerstones of all pop music. I guess that means you're rock and roll.

Oooo, you sound perfect! Add me, Joie_di_bruit?

I've had a long-standing issue with the concept of the "friends-only" journal. I get why people feel like they must shelter employers, family, and friends from certain aspects of their lives, but it seems anti-thetical to what LiveJournal is supposed to be. I don't really CARE what someone chooses to do with their journal, I've just never understood it.

Personally, I have mine that way because I have had stalker issues with ex-boyfriends and because I use it more like a diary that I let a few trusted folks read than a public blog. I've gotten into a lot of trouble by having it public and I absolutely do not like censoring myself because it's my place to vent. I put things here that I can't talk to my in person friends about. It's my safe space.

My argument usually goes something like "but not every SINGLE entry necessitates privacy" and that they should be handled on an entry-by-entry basis rather than a blanket policy.

My wife takes it to a whole other level. Not only is her journal friends-only, but she retro-actively makes entries private after about a month so her friends, even me, can't go back and find old entries.

But like Io said, I don't really CARE... I just think it makes it hard for the social aspect of LJ to work when everyone has their journals locked-down.

It's true. I used to only lock some but then I got paranoid that certain folks would find it and know it was me. I need to chill out, I think.

I keep meaning to go back and change entries to friends-only. I guess I just don't know why people would want to go back and look at my old entries anyway.

Yeah, don't bother with me. I post so rarely it's not worth clicking the 'add' button. I used to post a lot more (about my dog mostly), but then I started a blogspot for my dog training ramblings.

Although it's sweet to have been recommended.

Well, one of the reason I recommended you is that you're right next door to each other. :)

Oh, not because I'm awesome. Because of my geogr... okay hold up. That icon is so distracting. It looks like that ice cream shake (I'm sure it's a shake in there, not pop) is... um... doing it.

Obviously you're both awesome. I mean, c'mon, you are MY livejournal.friends.

Maybe you'd like Master Shake better when he's angry.

Great ideas! I shall consider this.

May I suggest to you, sir, brianneurysm. She's an old school chum of Welf's and works as an X-ray tech in Pittsburgh.

The only person who posts regularly on my friends list is your wife. I would recommend slicedgeek to you, though. She does post sometimes. You have the geekiness in common and she's the coolest gal that I know.

I'll make you the same recommendation I made democritus. I think you'd like brianneurysm. Of course, f-only journal and all that.

You probably already have most of my cool friends added. Hm, trying to think of people who post semi-regularly...

alagbon is an interesting chap though. He listens to really strange ethnic music like I do, cooks interesting dishes, and may be moving to Louisville in the near future.

chocolatebark writes about movies a lot, which you might find interesting. He seems to have a lot of intelligent friends who comment, too.

You might like glazomaniac too. He's been writing posts about blues music lately.

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