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top five kentucky basketball memories
back dat ass up
I was watching the exhibtion game between the Dominican Republic National team and the team of Pros comprised of former University of Kentucky basketball stars tonight and it occured to me that two of the gentleman on the floor are responsible for my personal top 5 most memorable Kentucky games. I thought it'd be fun to share that list with you.

5. Jodie Meeks scores 54 against against Tennessee - January 13, 2009

Meeks broke Dan Issell's single-game scoring record AND Tony Delk's single-game three-point shot record in a single night. He also finished the night perfect from the free-throw line.

4. Tayshaun Prince hits 5 consecutive three pointers against UNC - December 8, 2001

It wasn't just 5 consecutive three pointers. It was on consecutive possessions, in under 3 minutes of uninterrupted play. And the 5th is a monster.

3. The Mardis Gras Miracle - February 16, 1994

At LSU and down 31 points (68-37), with less than 16 minutes left in the second half, Kentucky comes back to win 99-95.

2. The Comeback Cats vs. Duke - March 22, 1998

Tubby Smith's first year at UK got the team a reputation as a come-back squad, hence the nickname. It was the Regional Finals of the NCAA tournament and the Cats were down 17 points with under 10 minutes left to play. They outscored Duke 19-3 in the final 5 minutes of the second half and won by 2, exacting revenge for the #1 on this list. The Comeback Cats also won the Championship game against Utah, becoming the only team in tournament history to win after being down by double digits at halftime (41-31).

1. The Unforgettables vs. Duke - March 28, 1992

The magnitude of this game can't be overstated. Many people who have nothing to do with either program call it the greatest game in the history of basketball. It was the first year Kentucky was eligible for post-season play after its NCAA sanctions and probation. The team was comprised largely of senior, Kentucky-born role players who stuck with the program through this dark time. Duke was the defending National Champion. In the Regional finals of the tournament, Duke and Kentucky played some of the most inspiring basketball you'll ever witness, especially in the second half and over-time. The final Hail Mary lob to Christian Laettner and the unbelievable shot he made to win it for Duke was heartbreaking for Kentucky fans. Unbelievable, yes, but not lucky. Kentucky fans conveniently forget that Laettner played a perfect game that night: 100% from the free throw line and 100% field-goal completion. Everyone who watched this game knows where they were, who was with them, and what they were doing. I was at home with my first wife, jumping up and down on our coffee table. Of course, personally I think Laettner should've been ejected from the game for his technical foul, but that's another story. Duke would go on to repeat as National Champions.

If you follow college basketball at all, I'm sure you've seen the shot... so here's a 40 minute ESPN documentary if you have the time and wanna.

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I had the pleasure of sitting in the 4th row at that UNC game. I've been to around 40 games in Rupp and it's never been louder than after he hit that 5th three pointer. I couldn't hear myself scream. Probably my favorite sporting moment I've ever experienced in person.

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