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i looked in her eyes and saw the reflection of my wedding band
back dat ass up
It appears I have a metal allergy.

For years I've had this weird little group of blisters on the last two digits of my left hand and last fall, I began getting them along the edge of my index finger as well. They didn't hurt, or leak or anything... but they itched from time to time. It occurred to me that perhaps I was allergic to my wedding band. I did some research online about gold allergies and found that gold allergies were very, very rare and in most cases, it was an allergy to an alloy in lower grades of gold. My band is only 10 carat, which means it's filled with a lot of other crap. In a forum, I found one person who described a similar condition to mine; tiny itchy blisters. As an experiment, I stopped wearing my band because clearly, I must be allergic to marriage my ring. After a couple of months, the blisters on my pinky and ring finger cleared-up, however they persisted on the edge of my left index finger, near the knuckle on the hand. I was beginning to suspect that my cheap $10 watch might also be playing a roll in this, and when the band on it broke, I didn't bother fixing it. Sure enough, the remaining blister patch on my index finger cleared-up as well.

I guess on a future doctor visit I will have to inquire about having an allergy test done to see if I can single-out the culprit.

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Sounds like the "marriage cancer" I had on my own index finger, but mysteriously vanished sometime in the past year. But it was more like a big lump under my skin on the palm side.

I love you! We need to get you another kind of ring that won't make you break out.

Clear nail polish is supposed to help (you put it on your ring, not your finger). Doesn't work for me, though, I just had to give up wearing rings and watches completely.

Might I suggest a tungsten carbide band? Cheap as all get-out, looks great, and I have never heard of an allergic reaction. I think it looks way nicer than gold too (but I do have an anti-gold bias). Only issue is they can't be resized; I had to stop wearing mine due to post-marital added fatness.

I'm sure I'll do something as an alternative eventually... but I figure I'll get the allergy test done first so I *know* what I have an allergy to. As for a watch, I can always get a pocket watch now that I'm wearing waistcoats. ;-)

I can't hear the words "tungsten carbide" without thinking of Monty Python's "Working Class Playwright" sketch.

You know, I was a huge Python fan as a kid and always loved that sketch... but for some reason I never made the connection.

...And the right G-shock with a resin wristband makes a fine timepiece. I've always been a real sucker for the DW 5600 series. I have an original Japanese screwback 5600 that needs a new band and casing... been putting that off for a few years.

Me too! I have a rhodium allergy, so we're going to get new wedding bands when we decide guns, art, and home improvement can take a back seat. :)

I read your first line as you had a mental allergy. I was wondering where the post was going.

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