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the salvation of rock and roll

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I am convinced that if rock and roll is to be saved, the messiah is coming from Scandinavia. Every band i've given a damn about over the past couple of years has come from that general region (Gluecifer, Turbonegro, the Hives, International Noise Conspiracy). I just got a compilation record put out by Denmark imprint Bad Afro Records called Pushing Scandinavian Rock To the Man, Vol. 2. All I can say is WOW. Wow. And there's like, 5 of these comps. So, I decided to check out Bad Afro's website.

Rock and roll isn't dead, chumps. It's just taken up residence in Europe. These guys are rocking with the sort of abandon that has become so passe here in the States. Thank God somewhere the kids are alright. I'm sure I'll get around to posting some of this record online in a music adventures post, but in the meantime, if you want to hear some grade-A, unadulterated rock and muhfuh'n roll, check out The Bad Afro Records website. They've got a mp3 download section. I recommend The Chronics and The Maggots as some good starters. If you like this sort of stuff, for God's sake buy something, go out and see the bands when they tour the States. Fuck emo, fuck nu metal, fuck rap - this is the real deal.

I feel like Christmas has come early.

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