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Matrix Revolutions

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Welp, sparklymegz and I had a grand time going to see The Matrix Revolutions although due to her hectic work load, that was about all we had time for. Hopefully we can get together sometime again when you aren't quite so pinned down by The Man, hon.

And so anyway, here is my take on The Matrix Revolutions. WARNING:

After being rather disappointed by the second Matrix installment, I was pleasantly surprised by the final one. A lot of folks are poo-pooing this, but that's because everyone is still hoping that there can be some "return to form" of the the first film. To those I say, that's impossible. The magic of the first Matrix film was that it was the first: it was so full of style and eye popping camera work that had never been attempted. The Wachowski Bros. wanted to make a film that looked like a comic book and they succeeded in that, with every scene immacuately choreographed and shot. I will lend some credence to the argument that not as much care was taken with some of the scenes in the sequels, however, there are some scenes certainly better than any in the first film. The first real action sequence when they go to seek the Frenchman is as good as any in the first film. And his final fight with Smith was like watching a live-action version of Dragonball Z, which was actually kinda cool. The other thing that can not be duplicated from the first film is the magic of the mystery unfolding, the discovery of what is really happening as Neo discovers it. That mystique was blown with the first movie and could not be recaptured.

Now, all that said. Neo had to die. Get over it. If you couldn't see it coming with all the continous Christ-figure allusions throughout the three films, well, you're dense. Even if you'd forgotten all the references in the prior two films, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the Oracle's prophetic words to Neo that every "beginning has an end" echoes Christ's "I am the Alpa and the Omega" bit in the Bible. Toss in incessant "the One" messianic nomenclature and it's not hard to see that Neo is slated to be a martyr. Of course the icing on the cake was the big machine-face thingie saying "It is done." Once you've got that figured out, given that Neo risked the fate of Zion once already for Trinity, it becomes clear that she is also marked for death. Neo would've been incapable of making the ultimate sacrifice so long as Trinity was around and in harm's way, which she certainly was the moment she agreed to go to Machine City with him.

But keep this in mind. Christ was resurrected. Heh, given the lucrative nature of this franchise for everyone involved, I wouldn't count on it being dead and in the grave. Given the tenuous nature of Neo's conciousness to interact with the physical and virtual worlds, it wouldn't be a stretch for future sequels to be dreamed. I'm sure the fanfic geeks already have mountains of chapters devoted to what happened to Neo after the machines dragged his apparently lifeless body into the City. My hope is that if the franchise continues that is done pre-quel, a la the Star Wars films. I think a film or two devoted to the rise of the machines and the relationships between the Oracle, the Architect, and the Agents could be some interesting cinema.


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