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gotta love CB's

Location: Youngstown, OH

Hey there where ya goin', not exactly knowin'. Who says you have to call just one place home? He's goin' everywhere....

The truck is rocking back and forth from the force of wind blasting into the side of it. They're calling for snow mixed with freezing rain tonight. I am so not ready for this kind of weather.

Last night I had a wonderful, if brief, time with elspazz0 last night. We walked about geeky things like the Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Heh. Yes, I have an inner geek.

In a torrent of LJ comments yesterday, upon learning of my vocation joeyhemlock suggested all I needed was a chimp to ride shotgun. Now I've had the theme song from BJ and the Bear stuck in my head all day.

New dreams and better scenes. And best of all I don't pay property tax!"

But the real highlight of my day today was listening to the CB. Tonight, I decided to eat a nice steak dinner (rare of course) and baked potato and salad. When I returned to the truck, the first thing I heard coming out the CB was "I've got handcuffs..."

Where I am is a big, BIG trucker haven. If St. Louis is the gateway to the west, Youngstown is the gateway to the mid-west. Youngstown sits on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border and, basically it's where the mountains start/stop. It's about halfway between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. It's also about halfway between NYC and Chicago. A myriad of Interstates, tollroads, US Highways and state highways converge here which make up the amorphous northeastern Ohio megopolis (Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Erie). The nation's second largest truckstop (Truck World) is right across the street from me. In addition to the other dozen or so truckstops along this ten mile stretch of I-80 from the Pennsylvania border to the east side of Youngstown. Cleveland and Pittsburgh both are notorious for not having any truck stops within 40-50 miles of them. All of these things have lead tot he truck-culture which dominates this town.

So, the CB is constantly full of chatter. When I got back in the truck this evening, the first thing I heard was "I've got handcuffs. I've got a whip , too. I like it from behind and really rough." This was being spoken by a female. To be precise, a lot lizard. Yup, a truckstop prostitute. She was hooking a trucker who was entering the area and apparently this did the trick (no, pun intended) because the next thing I heard was her giving directions and him asking how much this was gonna "set him back" and "he'd never done this sort of thing before" (what is this, high school?). She was in some truck parked in the truckstop with the interior lights on, guiding him to her parking space. At one point she said "Wait, back up, back up! You passed me!"

I never got to hear her "terms" because a guy up the road at the McDonald's hammered in over their conversation trying to sell his assortment of powertools at unbelievable prices.


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