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biological alarm clock
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
My interanal clock astounds me sometimes. I've gotten into this mode where I can only sleep for about 4 hours at a time. I never sleep conpletely through the night any more. It's a groggy "awake", enough to look a the clock and go back to sleep. Then it happens again 3-4 hours later. This is convenient if I actually plan to get 8 hours of sleep for the night, because I seldom oversleep. In fact, like this morning, I awake a full 30 minutes before the alarm does

I could easily go back to sleep now I guess, but what's the point. Up and at 'em.

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your "interanal" clock


the really funny part about that is that i had corrected it too... originally, i had typed and "e" in place of the first "i"... and i musta just completely overlooked the anal part....

real men don't use spell chckers

oh, i am the WORST insomniac. i can fall asleep anywhere anytime, but can't stay asleep. i've always been a light sleeper and it's gotten worse since i've had kids. i probably get on average maybe 4 hours a night. it sucks. i never get a chance to sleep in either. i don't have my kids mon- wed, but i have to get up early in the morning for work. and on the weekends they get me up early.

i have to "self medicate" when i haven't gotten any good sleep in weeks. goddamn, pot should be legal at least for medicinal purposes! that shit knocks me out in like 15 minutes.

now that is a waste of a perfectly good buzz

i drove past Painesville tonight on I-90 on my way to Austinburg... i thought of you ;-)

"now that is a waste of a perfectly good buzz"
tell me about it! good dreams though!

ha! what time?! i gotta email you my phone# for you to call next time you're in the area. we could at least meet for a quickie, er, i mean quick cup o' joe!

painesville is a VERY boring city. we have lots of illegal alien busts though. yeah. there's a couple good places to eat. everyone just drinks all the time. OH, we have TWO porn stores too! there was a KKK rally held here once, back in 1996...

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