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cold as shit
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Austinburg, OH

It is freakin' cold, people! I woke up this morning and it was snowing... and the wind. My god, the wind. Try driving a 70 foot long, 14 foot hihg wall on wheels across a mile long bridge that's a good 500 feet in the air. Wow. It was like Wyoming or something today in Ohio. On the upside though, I'm heading for warmer climes in southern Alabama this weekend. So, for at least a couple of days before I turn around and head back north, I'll hopefully have some nice, warm weather.

Although I was hoping for a west coast load, I'm kinda jazzaed about this trip because I'm going to get to go a few places I've yet to go in the truck. I've been to most all of these places before but never in the truck. I'll get to drive thru Knoxville, Chattanooga, and HOT-lanta. I'll get to drive through some of South Carolina and most of North Carolina (Charlottesville, Greensboro, and Durham) and Virginia (and if I have the time I'm gonna stop in and see my grandfather in Richmond). Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. I'm also going to get to go to Delware (Wilmington), which will be a total first. It's the only east coast state I've never been to, not counting the extreme northeast. And the icing on the cake. I'll be in northern Jersey by Tuesday night and likely have some time to kill in NYC. Yeah, this is gonna be a fun trip. I'm slated for about 1600 miles before Monday morning. To put that in perspective, I've only driven about 700 miles the past four days. I will have two and a half days to drive from Youngstown, Ohio to Auburn, Alabama and then from Auburn to Wilmington, Delaware. Yeah-heh. I don't like driving like that all the time, but after this past month of being parked more than I've driven, I look forward to it. Lucky for me I grabbed a whole bunch of fresh music when I was home last weekend, not to mention what I've "acquired" lately. Be looking out for those music adventure entires. ;-)

This friendtest site is kinda cool. Test yourself on your Soopageek k-nowledge.

Naturally I'll be planning my trip around locations where I can have access to the internet, so if you're around this weekend, look for me in the evenings on the IM's or check for LJ entries and see where I am. ;-)

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i missed two. i wonder which ones.

i figure, of all the people who read my journal... you'd prolly have the best shot at getting the most correct

I sucked at it. ;) I think there was only one question I knew the answer to for sure. But then, I don't really know ya, so that's understandable.
how do you get on the internet while you're truckin?

Flying J truckstops have WiFi internet at their locations... so i just park there and turn on the computer... voila!

cool. ;) I watched this TLC program (or was it the history channel?) on the best truckstops in the U.S. It made me want to own a cool funky truckstop. So from the horse's mouth (err, the trucker's mouth) what do you look for in a good truckstop?


other than that... clean showers with good hot water heaters, which the chains are good about anyway... also, i like the ones with fastfood chains in them, which is one thing i don't like about Flying J... but they have the internet...

other than that i'm not really picky 'cos i don't spend much time IN the truckstops other than for a shower... i tend to waste my free time in my truck on my computer, internet or not :)

so what was the best truckstop in America? I have a guess.

if i had nuts.. they would be freezing off, right now. we've got our first real snow storm of the year going on. it makes me soo angryyy!!

i got 50 on your friend test, but that's because i've never discussed your virginity with you, among other things. i like to think that being really sure about the 5 i did get means something.

i like to think that because it makes me feel better. hehe.

Let me know if your travels ever take you to Memphis, TN!

i've never been to memphis... my travels will occasionally take me through nashville... but that's about it.... this foray through knoxville/chattanooga is a real aberration...

but if i ever am... i'll be sure and let ya know :)

cold? you definitly got that right.

i am so not ready for winter.

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