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i should be sleeping

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Slowly but surely making my way to Delaware. There's no way I'll make it by morning. I have to take a 5 hour break then drive the remaining 300 miles in the middle of the night. Ugggh. That'll put me there about 8am. Probably later 'cos I bet I get tied up in rush hour traffic in D.C. and Baltimore.

This afternoon when I was stuck in South Carolina for a few hours with no internet connection I typed up a nice new music adventures post. The files are uploading as I type this. Sometime later in the week I'll get all the links plugged in and post it, but there's no way I have time to do it right now, I must really get some sleep. Here's an early tip for you: the new Pink record is really really good. Whew. I've been listening to it all day. And admittedly, that's not usually my kind of music. Since I'm gonna be stuck in New Jersey most of the week I probably won't have much access to LJ for a while. If I go into NYC while I'm up there, I'll probably make a little update post from the internet cafe. Right now though, it's hard to tell what the rest of my week is gonna look like.

But for now, sleep.

If I blow it, I blow it
But I'm a poet and I know it
You ain't nothin' but a hooker
Sellin' yer fuckin' soul

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