It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

the joys of a WiFi hotspot

Location: Avenel, New Jersey

So after a day of rambling around the southern New Jersey country-side, which included Atlantic City (sadly, no time to go play ;-), I make it up here to the central/northern metro area. I'm about halfway between New Brunswick and Newark off the New Jersey Turnpike. I found the customer where I will begin in the morning and parked. Switch on the computer and low and behold, there's one, lonely WiFi connection that my computer has sniffed out. Now, granted, this happens all the time. Earlier this evening when I was parked in a strip mall while in Best Buy, I was picking up about a half dozen nodes and even connected to a couple of them. But they wouldn't give me an IP address, meaning, no, internet. So, I decide what the hell and open up winipcfg and hit the renew button. Boom, I have an IP address. Thinking this is too good to be true, I pop open Explorer and type on Boom, up pops the page. No fees, nothing. A totally free WiFi connection out here in the middle of an industrial complex. I guess since there aren't any residential areas close enough to leech it, security isn't a concern? Maybe they're just morons? Maybe it just got left on overnight by mistake?

I dunno, but I've got a connection that's faster than most of my Flying J stops. Although it seems to come and go from time to time. Praise be to WiFi - God bless the internet.

I bought me a toy while I was in Best Buy. A portable CD player that plays mp3's. I have been putting off this purchase forever. Waiting for prices to come down and for them to get all the bugs worked out. I've been hoping one would be made that supports m3u playlists but I'm beginning to think that will be a pipe dream. What this means is that I will probably start the cumbersome task of renaming/reburning my collection. I had fiddled with this idea already, just to weed out a lot of crap that I've saved over the years that I know I'll never listen to - if nothing else, to consolidate the collection into a smaller number of discs. Now I guess I have a reason to do it. See, I developed a naming convention that I pretty much stuck to early on, the files are named by artist and track title with a simple playlist to preserve album continuity. Problem is, all mp3 players I've ever seen simply read the orders the files are in each directory. So in my case, that means alphabetical order - album continuity is not preserved.

Erg. Which means now I need to find a program that will hopefully help me do this, because doing it by hand will be a tedious task which I don't relish.

Tomorrow means northern New Jersey and possibly a trip into the Big Apple just for my own amusement. However, if time doesn't permit, at least I know of a bitchin' place I can park tomorrow night.

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