It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

New York City is the city that I feel at home in - Beastie Boys

Location: W. 42nd St. - Manhattan

So that free connection I had in Avenel ended up not being quite the connection it lured me in with. It was fine for a while, then it just kept coming and going - gone more than anything. So I gave up and made me a nice mix mp3 disc for listening to in my spiffy blue portable. I figure if I got to come to NYC today, it'd be nice to have with me.

And so, I get to Totowa around 2pm and they can't unload me until morning. Oh darn.

Less than an hour later I'm typing this journal entry from Times Square. ;-)

My little blue friend comes with those fashionable back-of-the-head headphones. Let me say, the greatest thing ever invented. I never like the over-the-head style and the ear buds are too uncomfortable. So I'm sitting there rocking to the Datsuns when this chick gets on the bus - and she has on a pair of the over-the-head headphones. Is she a caveman? I almost bet her CD player only plays regular audio CD's, too. Or, oh my god, cassettes!

I have my phone with me, and due to my little blue friend, I have the celly on vibrate and in my front pocket. If anyone takes a notion to call me while I'm on my latest NYC adventure, feel free (859) 621-3478. Of course, since it's on vibrate and in my front pocket, you might give me a boner when you do. I also turned off the voicemail, so it'll just vibrate and vibrate (and vibrate and vibrate) until you hang up or I answer it.

So, if I don't answer right away: a) I'm busy buying crack in Washington Square Park, b) I'm busy getting propositioned by the transvestites on 8th Ave. or c) wait until I'm done enjoying the vibration and answer.

First on my agenda is a trip to the Village to explore, especially the record shops. I'm also interested in seeing John Leguizamo's new one-man show Sexaholic but I dunno if I can get tickets or how pricery they are. So, who knows what I'll get into.

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