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Location: Cannonsburg, KY

Had a good time at the homestead, although it felt like I tdidn't do much but tinker with the computer for two days. I had become resolved to the fact that I needed to do a reinstall of my OS and decided to finally try something other than my trusted Windows 98. My thoughts on this have always been, why fix something that ain't broke? I didn't see any real need to change to something new when what I had worked just fine, although I must admit I do like NTFS from my limited experience with Windows NT in the past, so I had always toyed with the idea of switching to Windows 2000 at some point in the future. I'm told Windows XP also support NTFS but what little experience I've had messing with XP has left a bad tate in my mouth, so this wasn't an option.

So I went with Windows 2000. I spent a good deal of the time home getting it all tweaked and apparently I still have a ways to go because I'm still not all set up to my liking. The other thin I had to do this weekend was burn a disc for my mom for a friend of hers back in Virginia. She bought him a portable mp3 player like mine. ACtually, there's a little more story to this. I picked up the player for her in New Jesery because they didn't have any of the "cheap" models at the Best Buy in Lexington. So while I was in Jersey last week I bought her one of the $30 models like my little blue friend. While I was at the store, I made the most outrageous impulse buy. I bought a nice, I mean nice pair of Sony headphones. Price tag $100. You should've seen me picking them up, then putting htem back down and trying to walk away from them. I'm not good at buying expensive things for myself because I tend to be very rough on things. I generally prefer to buy things where the value of it is that it is easily replaced. Break it? Fuck it, buy another one. At $100 these headphones are not easily replaced, but god do they sound good. Crystal clear high end, full, booming bass. I've been finding things to listen to just to hear what they sound like with the headphones. It's been so long since I've owned a decent set of headphones that I've forgotten what it was like.

So anyway, I got this player for my mom for her friend with the intention of burning the Beatles catalogue to one disc for him. Alas, my burner decides to go kaput on me, so I have to do a lot of this on my dad's computer. But I finally got everything taken care of. I also bought a new burner last night. 52x-24x-52x.... can we say sweet? I'm such a geek.

They shootin' hoops.... yeah, yeah, yeah they playin' basketball! - G Love and Special Sauce

Kentucky basketball is here peeps. Ya'll just have to deal. The pre-season rankings have Kentucky anywhere from 4 at the highest I've seen (a coaches poll) to the higher 'teens. This is due largely in part to the big question mark of their inside game. The two big guys, while 7+ feet tall are inexperienced. It'll probably be at least another year until we reap their benefits. And talk about a tough pre-conference schedule! Indiana, Michigan St. North Carolina, UCLA and of course, Louisivlle - all top 25 teams pre-season. Not that Kentucky ever shys away from a tough schedule, they regularly play one of the toughest in the nation, but whew. With this team, it could prove trying. The conference schedule is tough, too. The SEC will be tough his year and for once in a long time it looks like another team could possibly dominate the conference. Florida is ranked as a top 5 team on many pre-season lists and Mississippi St. and Georgia make the top 25's quite a bit. Don't discount Georgia after their debacle last year with their coaching staff: they replaced Harrick with Western Kentucky coach Dennis Felton who did an amazing job at Western, including a stunning defeat of Kentucky at Rupp Arena two years ago. Did I say at Rupp areana?!?!

I could fake to left or penetrate like Mike, yeah 360 degrees in the air as Dominique might...

I get like this every fall. I'm an alum of the school, I live in central Kentucky. I'm doomed. Unless you are from here, you just don't understand the mentality. Basketball is like religion and the Kentucky basketball program is a God among mortals. They're the winningest team in history (although, with North Carolina only 28 games behind us, the addition of Roy Williams as head coach will have us looking over our backs, now). Seven national titles, which is surpassed only by UCLA's astounding record (but we'll catch it eventually). It's safe to say that the national title is deemed a birthright by many of the Big Blue Nation. A lot of schools are happy to make it to the NCAA tournament. In Kentucky we plan on winning it, every year. Not making it there is not even an option. Here's an interesting factoid, UK has had only one losing season in the past 75 years - and that coach "resigned" after the season (Oklahoma State's Eddie Sutton). Even Pitino's first season in probation posted an admirable 14-14.

I could pass like Magic, yeah, I could shoot like the Byrd. AFter a Dr. J dunk that court-side drunk said "Good Lord!"

I'm a bit more realistic than that, though. While you can never really tell the way things will go this early in a season - I just don't think Kentucky has the expereince to make a run for the national title this year. Last year was the year, when it seemed we were unstoppable there towards the end of the season. And while I typically don't like prognostications, I will make one myself. My prediction for Final Four: Duke, Michigan St., UConn, and Missouri. Of course, in March when I'm wrong about this, I won't remind you. If I'm right, I'll be reminding you. ;-)


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